April 23, 2020

Large puddle with a reflection of a tree.

Spring rains can bring more than green buds and blooming flowers. In many cases, spring rains mean soggy lawns with large puddles. While it may seem like par for the course during the rainy spring days, large wet spots and soggy lawns aren’t an inevitable part of the season. Spring rains don’t have to result in soggy lawns.

Causes of Soggy Lawns

While multiple days of rainy weather, or even just a day or two of heavy rain may seem like the obvious culprit, most wet spots and soggy lawns are actually caused by poor drainage on the property. If your landscape hasn’t been graded properly, water will naturally run to and collect in certain spots. If you find water collecting in certain areas around your home, poor drainage or improper grading is most likely the issue.

Issues Caused by Residential Drainage Problems

In addition to the annoyance of a soggy lawn, residential drainage problems can cause bigger issues as well. Never ignore or view it as just a minor inconvenience. Standing water can be a breeding ground for insects, can wear away the soil, and at worst, cause problems with water leaking into the foundation of your home. It’s important to find the right solution to fix the residential drainage problems that a soggy lawn can indicate.

Finding the Right Solution

In many cases, adding drains to your landscaping will solve the majority of water problems. Speaking with a landscaping professional who specializes in drainage issues can give you the best solution to what will work best with your property. French drains are a good solution for many properties. They can be installed almost everywhere, will solve the majority of water issues, and blend seamlessly into the landscaping.

A French drain is a trench filled with gravel that surrounds a perforated pipe. When water enters the pipe, it will be directed to a more desirable location on the property.  The drawbacks of French drains are the labor intensive installations, especially if the trench needs to be long. You also need to get the slope right, or the project will fail. Therefore, finding landscape professionals to take the project on is often the right choice for a successful project.

It can be easy to ignore soggy lawns and write them off as a nuisance of spring rain, but that isn’t the right call. Talking to a landscape professional to find the right solution for your property can keep your lawn and home dry and healthy. Contact us today to discuss solutions for your soggy lawn. We have the local experience you need for a job well done.