August 2, 2023

Once you’ve upgraded one part of your landscaping and experienced a beautiful result, it’s easy to want to do another to upgrade the rest of the landscaping. These Twin Oaks Landscape clients had been so happy with their patio upgrade in 2021 that they came back to match the front of their property in 2022, enlarging and replacing the walkway and porch with high end stone.

Blue stone front entry walkway.

Project Overview

In 2021 the homeowners redid the back of their property, installing a new patio and upgrading the landscaping. After taking a full year off, they decided it was time to update the front of their property to match the back, so they called Twin Oaks Landscape again to finish their landscaping upgrade.

Zimmerman back patio

A neighbor referred these homeowners to Twin Oaks Landscape to upgrade the property back in 2021, and the customer came back the next year to discuss upgrading their old cement porch with a cement walkway. The patio that had been installed during the first round of upgrades was done in high format blue stone, and the customer discussed matching the materials to create a cohesive design. As the driveway was also new, the pathway needed to be upgraded to provide a better visual flow.

The Twin Oaks Landscape Solution

After taking a year off following the patio installation, the front walkway and entryway project was done in 2022. Twin Oaks decided to tear out the existing walkway and porch and replace both completely with the same product used for the back patio. Our landscape team worked with the clients to create the grand and upscale entrance they wanted for their home. Instead of working with the previous footprint for the walkway leading to the main entryway, a wider walkway was designed, taking the width from the previous 4-foot to a 6-foot width. The project was very straightforward and proceeded smoothly with no special needs. Our team always works hard to make sure that the project is the least disruptive as possible for the homeowners.

Materials Used

To help the visual flow from the front entryway to the back hardscaping features, the same materials were used for the walkway that were used for the patio. Approximately 200 square feet of High Format blue stone was used for the entryway. High Format is dedicated to creating materials with on-trend designs that will upgrade any landscape environment. The color of the stone is integrated into the materials and the products are crafted to mimic the color variations in natural stone.

Blue stone front porch.


The walkway was exactly what the customers were looking for to update their entry and tie their backyard into the front. Enlarging the walkway and upgrading the materials made for the grand entryway they were hoping for. They were extremely pleased with the final result and are looking forward to enjoying their hardscaping features for years to come.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your outdoor spaces and walkways, contact Twin Oaks Landscape for an estimate.