June 21, 2023

One upgrade often leads to another. After these Old Town Ann Arbor homeowners finished their addition and renovation, they were ready to tackle the exterior of the property and expand their living space further with an outdoor patio fit for entertaining.

Finished Patio Project by Twin Oaks Landscape in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Project Overview

The homeowners had put an addition on the back of their house, and once that project was complete, they were ready to add a patio to serve as an outdoor living space for gatherings. One of the challenges they were facing is that the backyard had a significant incline and the spot that was earmarked for the patio was at a low point in the property. With all the rain water and snow melt naturally running downhill, building the patio would require addressing how to solve future drainage issues.

Before photo of Patio Project by Twin Oaks Landscape in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Walkway before project by Twin Oaks Landscape in Ann Arbor, Michigan was completed

This family found Twin Oaks Landscape via a web search and spoke with our experts for what would be the best patio design for their property. Twin Oaks was able to assess the space and come up with a solution that would address the drainage issues and provide a beautiful outdoor entertaining space.

The Twin Oaks Landscape Solution

Our design team developed a plan to install a Fendt Holland paver patio with a Fendt Stonegate sitting wall. The wall was both an aesthetic feature and functions to hold the grade from the back of the property where a hill comes in. Proper drainage was installed under the patio and behind the wall to allow water to escape from the low-lying area to a better drainage location. Once the work on the property began, it was exciting to see the progress from start to finish and watch the hardscaping bring the property to life. As the project progressed, the homeowners decided to add some lighting to set the overall tone and allow the patio to be more functional at night.

Finished patio and retaining wall with drainage solution.

Finished walkway completed by Twin Oaks Landscape in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Materials Used

Twin Oaks used Fendt Holland pavers with a Fendt Stonegate retaining wall. The patio used 440 square feet of pavers, alongside ten feet of a 21” high retaining wall. Fendt products are made in Michigan and a local pioneer in the design and production of innovative landscaping and paving stones. The pavers are high-density with exceptional strength that can hold up to Michigan weather, as they absorb a minimal amount of moisture and will therefore resist the effects of the freezing and thawing cycles. Not only are Fendt pavers superior in function, they are designed with beauty in mind, which was clear at the outcome of this project. Bistro lighting was added to provide ambiance for evening entertaining.


These homeowners were completely satisfied with the project outcome. They are excited to use their outdoor living space. With the new hardscapes and the outdoor lighting additions, Twin Oaks Landscape took an otherwise unusable outdoor space and turned it into what is sure to become a favorite gathering spot for this family. We love helping homeowners experience the full potential of their properties by transforming outdoor spaces for function, beauty, and comfort. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your outdoor living spaces, contact us to learn more about how we can help!