February 26, 2020

A house just isn’t a home without landscaping. But being a new homeowner can often be overwhelming. The thought of buying trees and bushes might be the furthest thing from your mind. Luckily, with new home construction you’ll typically have a blank canvas to work with. And finding a great lawn and landscape company will take on the stress of adding to the outside of your new home so you can relax and enjoy the results. That is why these homeowners turned to Twin Oaks Landscape to transform the front of their home into more than they could ever have imagined.

Project Overview

The homeowner has a beautiful, newly constructed home on Maple Road in Ann Arbor. He is no stranger to Twin Oaks Landscape. He handles the company’s 401k. So, it made sense for him to invest in Twin Oaks to bring life to his new home’s front yard and make it more inviting.

As often happens with new construction, the lawn and landscape were just bare bones. It definitely needed some curb appeal, along with walkways, a driveway, trees, and much more. Twin Oaks was able to take the landscape of this home from bare to lush and surround this majestic home with the kind scenery it deserves.

How It Was Accomplished

Work on this project began in the Summer of 2019. It included a full design incorporating hard and softscape features. An extensive patio, walkway, and decorative driveway were installed.

More than 2400 square feet of pavers were used. Irrigation and drainage were also tackled.  And get this-a beach was added! Twin Oaks Landscape also added some much-needed topsoil, sod, plants, and mulch to complete the look.

Materials used during construction included:

  • Fendt Harbor Stone pavers (in rear)
  • Fendt Old World Vintage paver (in front)
  • Fendt County Manor (for walls)
  • Rosetta Dimensional (for steps)
  • 6a angular limestone
  • Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller and appropriate heads

All products were placed over limestone with a fabric separator between the stone and soil. There is a drain in the wall to direct any water that does come through the back and a drain system under the pavers in the rear so that freeze/thaw does not destroy this amazing landscaping down the road.

Twin Oaks also installed an irrigation system for both the lawn and shrub zones.

Then two inches of topsoil was added prior to the sod being installed. A mixture of plants was added to fill all landscape beds along with trees for both shade and privacy where appropriate.

Customer Satisfaction

The project was completed in the Fall on 2019. The customer is in love with the work completed by Twin Oaks Landscape and is so happy with how the house looks now. Twin Oaks was able to take this newly constructed home’s landscape from sterile and uncultivated to warm and welcoming in just a few short months.

We are proud to offer landscape design solutions for our customers. Nothing makes us happier than to help homeowners bring out the best in their homes by complimenting the structure’s beauty with a well-thought-out landscape design plan. Let us help you make the outside of your home just as comfortable and inviting as the inside. Contact Twin Oaks Landscape to discuss your landscaping needs and get on our schedule today!