December 22, 2020

Often in a home renovation, one project will lead to another. Your home is a long-term investment and is worth putting in the work to make it the home you will love. Being a new homeowner can be overwhelming, but the team at Twin Oaks Landscape can transform the exterior of your home.

Twin Oaks can create a space that is aesthetically pleasing and solve any issues before they have time to create damage.

Project OverviewProject spotlight backyard patio.


These Ann Arbor homeowners had recently finished an interior renovation as well as painting the exterior of their new home. During the installation of a new septic system, there was extensive damage to the yard. The homeowners also found that they had a negative grade running toward the foundation of their home, creating drainage issues and water in the crawlspace. When looking to remedy these issues, the homeowners also decided to add a patio space.

This family found Twin Oaks Landscape via a web search and spoke with our experts for the best way to remedy the damage to their yard, address the drainage issues, and create a patio. It was important to the homeowners that the work they did on the exterior of their property matched the work they had put into the interior. All the issues were able to be addressed by our experienced landscape team.

The Twin Oaks Landscape Solution

Our team installed a complete irrigation system with a wifi controller for easy programming and service. They used a Hunter wifi irrigation controller with a mixture of mister and rotary heads. The yard was restored with topsoil, seed, and straw blankets for dormant seeding over the winter. For the patio, the homeowners chose Rosetta High Format New Century pavers in bluestone and our team installed a 750 square foot patio. Finally, we created a dry river bed around the south and east of the property to divert the water from the property into the drainage ditch. This included routing the downspouts and sump lines to the front using 4” pvc triple wall pipe.

Back yard overhaul mid-project.

This project was completed in the summer of 2020.

How the Patio was Made

Our team began with a dig out of the area. Downspout diversion was addressed to prevent water runoff from destroying the patio.

A geogrid installation was laid down in the area to reinforce the soil. The geogrid stabilizes the soil and increases the stability of the pavers.

Work is underway for laying the pavers down for the patio.

Compacted angular limestone was laid on top of the geogrid. Slag sand was leveled off for a positive grade away from the home to minimize any chances of runoff.

Pavers were installed over the top of the limestone base and poly sand was compacted and watered into the pavers to finish the patio.

Finally, the yard was graded with straw blankets in the turf areas.


Completed patio project awaiting spring for addition of softscapes.

This family is so happy with the new outdoor living space their patio provides and are pleased with the plan to divert water away from their foundation. Next spring, the team at Twin Oaks Landscape will install the bed and plant material which will complete the transformation.

We’re helping homeowners all around the Ann Arbor area reclaim their outdoor living spaces and enjoy their yards again. Contact Twin Oaks Landscape to talk about plans to make your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable.

Happy Holidays from Charlie, Ruby, and the Twin Oaks Team!