No Summertime Fun on a Bug-Infested, Weed Infested Lawn

Homeowners are gearing up for summertime fun and yard activities. Most homeowners desire a professional looking lawn and garden. Taking care of lawns and flowerbeds is a relaxing and fun job, but can also be a challenging job if homeowners do not keep on top of the weeds.

Every Homeowner Needs a Bit of Weed Assistance

Sometimes homeowners need help getting the lawn on the right track. Lawn weeds can sneak up on beautiful grass and take control of the lawn quickly, throwing a lawn in disarray.

If you are a homeowner who takes pride in your lawn and garden area, know that there is help just around the corner for lawn weed control in Saline, Michigan.

Weed control is not a onetime treatment. Lawns need attention all year long until winter sets in.

It is Not Just about Weed Killers

Lawn weed control, Saline, Michigan can

1. Remedy indoor and outdoor insect control
2. Lawn disease
3. Flower care
4. Lawn weed control

Weed control can take in a wide variety of lawn issues such as

1. Weeds that the kill the grass
2. Weeds that are harmful plants and vegetables
3. Weeds that are harmful to adults and children like poison Ivy and poison Sumac

Control of Weeds in the Lawn

1. Eliminate bugs and pests
2. Eliminate Weeds in driveways, patios, stone, flowers, vegetable gardens

Homeowners need to know and identify weed problems before the weeds chock out beautiful lawn landscapes. Homeowners need to be ontop of riding their lawns of all kinds of weeds such as

1. Creeping Charlie
2. Clover
3. Dandelions

Are Weed Killers Going to Injury or Kill My Pets?

Homeowners are fearful that weed killers will be toxic to their pets. Dogs and cats like eating grass.

All weed killers are FDA approved. Even though weed killers are pet-friendly, homeowners need to keep pets off a newly treated lawn for a few hours. After a few hours, pets are safe to eat the grass and roam the lawn treated area.

Prevention is the Cure for Future Lawn Disarray

1. Be aware of pulling weed out by hand. Dandelions have long roots and if you do not pull, the whole root out it will regrow and new weeds spread.
Creeping Charlie has long runners extending through the lawn chocking out grass. Once you grab a hold of this weed, it comes out of the lawn easily in long runners, but leaves ugly bare spots.
2. A lawn requires a lot of water that goes deep into the soil at least a couple times of week.
3. When mowing the lawn never set the mower at a lower cutting level. The reason for this is that a higher level of grass tends to shade weeds. Weeds without sun soon die out.
4. Feeding a lawn thickens the grass and helps keep grass healthy.