Weed-free lawn and garden means a healthy looking landscape in your backyard. Surprisingly, there are more than hundreds of weeds varieties in the world. Weeds not only invade on the healthy plants, but they also affect the quality of your garden soil. Because weeds reproduce and grow exponentially, they can survive in the soil for years together. Controlling weeds does require a professional approach and frequent garden care.

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The approach for weed control:

While a number of products available in the market claim to control weeds effectively, they actually aggravate the situation. Most of the time, the synthetic herbicides used in the lawn and gardens are the main cause of chronic weed problems. Repeated and excessive usage of such products can be harmful for the people, pets and even the garden plants. Instead of applying herbicides frequently, home owners should take professional help from a weed control company.

Controlling weeds:

• Weeds are mainly of two types: annual and perennial. However, there are a few biennial types of weeds as well. Weed control experts analyze and identify the type of weeds in your lawn and garden. Based on that, they select an herbicide treatment or a natural weed control approach for your lawn.

• While small patches of weeds can be effectively handled by digging and pulling, dense weeds need a professional approach. Instead of applying chemical herbicides, these weed control experts use organic herbicide and natural techniques to control the weeds.

• An effective way to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn is by choosing quality grass seeds for your lawn. Studies claim that good quality of turf grass varieties control weeds from growing. This is a natural way of controlling weeds. Professional landscaping companies can help you in choosing the best grass for your garden that suits the lawn environment and have good insect and weed resistance qualities. After all, the best defense against the weeds is a healthy and well-maintained lawn.

• Maintaining the pH of the soil is another important factor. Optimal soil pH allows better grass growth and lessens weed growth up to some extent.

• Pre-emergent herbicides work wonderfully in stopping the weed seedling germination. These herbicides are often used by the weed control teams in effectively doing a preventive spot treatment in lawns and gardens where weeds are known to grow in patches.

For efficient lawn care weed control, professional weed control services in Ann Arbor MI are available. Our lawn care weed control company offers services for residential and commercial properties. Controlling weed starts from the very first step, which is during the germination of the seeds. Professional lawn care weed control companies have a team of weed control experts who are experienced individuals and know what ceases the growth of the weeds effectively. These professionals use number of products and weed control strategies to keep your lawn free of weeds all year round. Plus, the lawn care services include periodical fertilizing, pH balance of the garden, core aeration, and tree and shrub care. No matter what kind of service you need, our Ann Arbor MI Company offers everything from landscaping to lawn fungicide treatment for your lawn and garden.

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