October 18, 2017

Exterior landscaping may be able to do far more than just enhance the curb appeal of a home. Michigan property owners seeking ways to keep their homes safe and secure would do well to learn a little more about how landscaping services may benefit fire prevention efforts. Removing excessive clutter or brush, landscaping layouts that showcase native plants and hardscape areas able to act as a firebreak may all serve to minimize the risk of a wildfire and ensure that homes are less likely to suffer damage.

Landscape Design Utilizing Native Plants

Choosing trees, shrubs and other plants that possess greater natural resistance to heat and flames can make a considerable difference. The righ

t selection of bushes, grasses, and other plants is an issue of great importance when it comes to landscaping, one that may allow home and property owners to enjoy the following potential benefits:


  • Reduced maintenance with less need to water or irrigate outdoor spaces
  • Creation of a more defensible area that may serve to minimize the size, scope, and threat posed by a wildfire
  • Less brush, clutter and reduced plant-based litter that may serve as fuel for a potential blaze


Minimizing Risk by Reducing Plant Fuels

Plants can often be a ready source of fuel for a fire and the wrong selection, layout or design can often be a more serious liability than many homeowners might realize. Landscaping solutions that may serve to further minimize the risk of wildfire typically include:


  • Choosing plants that possess greater natural resistance
  • Spacing installations to make it more difficult for a f\lames to spread
  • Keeping all areas of an exterior landscaped well irrigated, trimmed and maintained


Hardscaped Areas

Concrete, natural stone, and other hardscaped surfaces offer a great way to ensure that homes are less likely to be placed at risk. Borders and boundaries made of inflammable surfaces can make a welcome addition to an exterior environment. In addition to providing an attractive highlight for exterior landscapes, Hardscaped walkways, landscaping borders, and accent areas may offer the following benefits:

  • Creation of an effective firebreak
  • Reducing the volume of potentially-flammable plants
  • Minimizing the time and effort needed to irrigate and maintain an area

Hardscaped installations may be especially beneficial when used to replace plants, grasses, and areas that are prone to drying out or dropping large volumes of dead foliage and clutter.

Professional Solutions for Landscape Creation and Maintenance

For many homeowners, lacking the experience and resources needed to create a more attractive lawn or exterior environment can become a major obstacle. Working alongside Ann Arbor’s landscaping experts makes it far easier to tackle a wide variety of landscaping upgrades, projects, and additions. For property owners who may be concerned about finding ways to enhance the safety and security of their home, landscaping solutions can often make a considerable difference in ensuring that fire prevention efforts are able to be as effective and successful as possible.