November 19, 2021

Your landscaping is a reflection of the pride you take in your property. When you put effort into your exterior, your curb appeal improves. Once you’ve made the investment in landscape design and maintenance, it’s important to protect that investment with the right irrigation. Speaking to your landscape contractor about installing a sprinkler system during your landscape design can make a big difference in maintaining your curb appeal.Close up of irrigation system watering a lush lawn and flowers along the edge of a stone path.

Minimize Your Water Waste with a Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system can minimize water waste. Traditional watering can waste hundreds of gallons a year. Installing a sprinkler system, especially when designed by your landscape contractor, can not only save water, but improve the health of your plants and lawn. Overwatering not only wastes water, but can hurt the health of your landscaping. When you have a sprinkler system designed and maintained by a professional, you will know that your water is being used efficiently. An irrigation system allows you to care for your plants, flowers, and trees with minimal effort and the right amount of irrigation. Overwatering can hurt just as much as under-watering. Having your irrigation system designed correctly will keep your property looking great.

Customize Your Sprinkler System to Your Needs

When you work with a landscape contractor, they can assess your soil to meet the exact needs of your property. Soil with a high clay content has different needs than soil with a different make up, and your irrigation system can be customized to fit the exact needs. Your system can also be programmed for the specific plantings you have in your landscape design, meeting the unique needs of your property. The water can be directed to go where it is needed and avoid the areas it isn’t. Some systems are even technologically advanced enough for rainfall sensors to make sure they are not watering a rainfall drenched space.

Use a Professional to Install Your Sprinkler System

When you choose to invest in a sprinkler system, you should always do so with a professional landscape contractor. Irrigation professionals have the skills and knowledge to help you improve the health of your landscaping and the water efficiency of your system. A professional can help with your design, installation, maintenance, and repair as needed. As part of your landscape contract, you can have your sprinkler system tested periodically to ensure it is performing efficiently. When you choose someone not familiar with your property to install your sprinkler system, you could run into drainage issues. A landscaping contractor familiar with your property will understand the grading as well as your soil.

When you are working on improving your landscape design, an irrigation system is an excellent upgrade to your property. When you speak with your landscape contractor, talk about working an irrigation system into your design. A landscape professional who understands the needs of your property can recommend a design and system that will work with both your soil and the design you’ve chosen for your property. Twin Oaks Landscape can help. Contact us today to learn more about our residential services.