December 27, 2021

As you know, watering your lawn regularly is an absolute must if you want to keep your grass healthy. A lack of water will cause your grass to wither and die, resulting in a dried-up, brownish lawn that’s not going to do a whole lot for you in terms of curb appeal.

While going outside and hosing down your grass is just about the most inefficient way to water your lawn, you might be thinking that a sprinkler system on a timer is sufficient enough — especially if you compare that to the cost of installing a brand new automated irrigation system. However, you’re going to be much better off installing a high-tech irrigation system than you are settling for a cheap sprinkler system on a timer. In fact, despite being more expensive initially, you’ll end up saving both time and money over the long run, and your lawn will look much better too.

Scenic view yard garden trees and paved stone path road for walk against beautiful blue sky. Landscape design green lawn turf hills and plants irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers on bright day

Automatic Irrigation Systems Can Save You Time

The last thing you want to do is waste valuable free time working in the yard when you could be using that time for anything else. With a high tech irrigation system installed in your lawn, you can spend time doing things you enjoy while admiring and utilizing your beautiful outdoor spaces without the headache of maintaining them yourself.

1. Set up automatic watering.

Once you set up your automatic irrigation system, you’ll never have to worry about manually watering your lawn or shutting off (or changing the timer on) a basic sprinkler system. An automated irrigation system will water your lawn every day and will automatically stop once the soil reaches a certain moisture level. Not to mention that it won’t go off if it senses rain or snow.

2. Prevent the need for lawn repair.

When you manually water a lawn, the odds are that you’ll miss certain spots and overwater others. Both can result in your grass dying off in patches throughout your yard, which will require you to replant the grass. The same can happen if you forget to turn off a basic sprinkler system that’s on a timer when the soil is already wet or if it’s too cold out. You won’t have these issues with a high-tech irrigation system, which means you won’t have to waste time repairing your lawn from watering-related damage.

Automatic Irrigation Systems Can Save You Money

As valuable as your time is, the real benefit of an automatic irrigation system is the amount of money you can save by reducing water waste. When you aren’t manually watering your lawn, you’ll end up cutting down on the amount of water you use to maintain your lawn. As a result, you’ll greatly reduce how much you spend on your water bills over time and your lawn will look better than it’s ever looked before.

1. Sensors can identify soil moisture.

High-tech irrigation systems have sensors that can identify how much moisture is in the soil. As such, it will never overwater your lawn. If your property has experienced recent rainfall, your irrigation system will be able to tell if it can skip a watering or if some watering is still required as well.

2. Irrigation controls can identify weather conditions.

A high-tech irrigation system will be able to shut off if snow, risk of freeze, or rain is identified. It can also pick up local weather information and make adjustments to the amount of water used on a daily basis.

Consider Installing a High Tech Irrigation System Today

A high-tech irrigation system will not only help you maintain a lush, green lawn, but it will also help save you time and money. For information about having an automated lawn irrigation system installed for your property, contact us today. Our irrigation experts can set you up with an irrigation system to fit your unique outdoor spaces and maintain it for you through our customized maintenance services. Get the lawn you’ve always wanted with Twin Oaks Landscape.