November 22, 2022

It’s that time of year. When you start making your list for holiday gifts, there are always those few stumpers. What do you get for someone who seems to have everything they need? When you think outside the traditional gift box, you can really wow someone with the gift of landscape design this holiday season.

landscape design with multicolored shrubs, bushes, and plants around a stairway

Who Would Love the Gift of Lawn Maintenance?

Do you know someone who hates the upkeep that comes with a beautiful property? So many homeowners love the aesthetic of a well-cared-for lawn but absolutely hate the work that goes into it. Mowing, edging, weeding, feeding, and watering all take time. Homeowners who work all week want to spend their evenings and weekends relaxing and enjoying their property, not merely trying to maintain it.

New homeowners who may not yet be accustomed to the work that goes into lawn maintenance will always appreciate the help, and long-time homeowners who may be struggling with the upkeep they used to do with ease will love the opportunity to hand the reins to someone else. Some homeowners may think they can handle everything, but their lawn reflects their lack of effort or time. The gift of lawn maintenance can show them the potential their property has. If you have someone on your gift list who is planning on selling their home, the gift of lawn maintenance can go a long way toward helping their curb appeal!

What Other Landscaping Services are Available to Gift?

Lawn maintenance isn’t the only landscaping gift available. Is there someone in your life who has been longing for some updated landscaping, but hasn’t been able to invest the time or money? A gift of landscape design will be something they can enjoy for years to come. You can make the dream of an outdoor firepit, a paver patio, or even just a new garden bed a reality for someone in your life. Twin Oaks Landscape has a full array of services, including drainage solutions, irrigation system installations, hardscape design and builds, landscaping design and implementation, and more.

How Does Gifting Landscaping Services Work?

Twin Oaks Landscape offers an all-inclusive landscape maintenance service which is a thoughtful, generous, and complete gift to any homeowner. This gift can include pruning, irrigation maintenance, drainage assistance, bed maintenance, fertilization, mulching, trimming, mowing, edging, and fall and spring clean-up. When you contact Twin Oaks Landscape, let them know that you are hoping to gift landscaping services, and the professionals can help you with an estimated cost for the property and the best way to deliver your gift. If you’d rather gift a specific service, our professionals can help you with that as well. We can help get the right price for the service you are gifting and set your recipient up for a beautiful present they can enjoy all season.

Whether you are gifting to a busy professional, a new homeowner, an elder who may be struggling to keep up with maintenance, or just someone looking to increase their curb appeal, the gift of landscape maintenance will always be well-received. Let our professionals help you plan the perfect gift by contacting Twin Oaks Landscape today.