March 12, 2016

Deck patio

The winter season is different than every other season of the year. While every season has its unique characteristics, the winter season is by far the most unique. The cold weather that typically comes with the winter season is the most well known characteristics of the winter season. The cold weather that embraces the winter season is interesting because some people enjoy the cold weather. However, a significant number of people dislike cold weather.

Winter Season And Deck Surfaces

Winter is a time of the year that affects things differently. One particular area where winter presents unique challenges is maintaining deck surfaces. Conditions such as snow, ice, cold temperatures, and sleet can have a negative affect on deck surfaces. While many people typically use wood products to build decks, there has been a shift by some people over the past few decades to use other products for building decks.

Composite Deck Products

One of the most popular products other than wood to build decks is called composite. In general composite is a decking material that is comprised of plastic and wood particles glued together. The vast majority of the materials are recycled materials.

The use of composite products for building decks has become very popular, especially over the past decade. The main reason for the popularity is due to the enhancements that have been made to composite products. The products quality, performance, looks, and feel have improved tremendously over the past decade. In addition, the composite products’ appearance is moving closer and closer to a wood appearance.

Reasons Why Composite Products Handle Winter Better Than Wood Products

During the winter season, deck surfaces are affected by winter conditions. Composite deck products tend to fair better than wood during the winter season for a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons why composite products handle winter conditions better than traditional wood include:

1. Composite products do not require as much maintenance as natural wood products.
2. Composite products are made primarily with recycled plastic materials, which make the product more durable.
3. Composite products have built in slip resistance.
4. Composite products do not split or splinter.
5. Composite products can be heated and bent into circular patterns.

Decks have always been a popular home area. Decks provide a variety of uses for homeowners. The method used to build decks has changed significantly over the past few decades. Many people are now using products other than wood to build their decks. One of the most popular products is composite. The use of composite products provide advantages that wood cannot offer. In addition, some of these advantages are even more noticeable and beneficial during the winter season.

The winter season is tough on deck surfaces; the winter conditions usually impact the surfaces in a variety of ways. However, composite products that largely contain plastic recycled materials tend to handle winter conditions better than wood products. People in Ann Arbor MI or the areas surrounding Ann Arbor MI who are interested in composite products can contact us for additional information.

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