Today, people sometimes hear news reports about “monster” storm systems causing havoc in many parts of the nation. Although Michigan fortunately does not usually suffer the extreme impacts of these types of adverse weather events, most folks who reside in Ann Arbor MI for any lengthy period of time do understand that harsh winter weather conditions on occasion prevail in this region. Ann Arbor snow removal matters to many residents. This local issue involves a number of factors, including ensuring the safety and convenience of residents.

Snow Removal

The Snow-y Scope of the Problem in Ann Arbor

Today Ann Arbor snow removal from icy city streets occupies the attention of road crews during the colder months of the year for a very good reason. Ann Arbor MI ranks as the 17th snowiest city in the United States. Statistics compiled by the North Campus of the University of Michigan between 1981 and 2010 revealed that:

* This part of the state typically experiences 57.3 inches of
snowfall every year;

* In other words, the residents of Ann Arbor MI can expect to dig
out from nearly five feet of snow annually.

* Fully 53 days of every year involve snowy weather!

Safety Issues With Ann Arbor Snow

The extensive annual snow means that highway and transportation departments keep busy many weeks out of the year clearing away ice and snow from city highways and streets. But who assists homeowners in removing drifts that line sidewalks, driveways and front steps? Simply keeping these areas clear may tax the resources of residents. Indeed, Ann Arbor snow removal remains very serious business.

Probably the most important reason to remove snow on a regular basis concerns safety. Every year, ice, sleet and slush contribute to nasty slips and falls in colder parts of the United States. Many people prefer to hire the services of landscaping companies that offer regular snow clearance and removal for this reason. If a property owner is busy at work during the day, it may not be possible to keep premises free from accumulating snow; a professional snow removal firm can send crews to clear walkways and drives along established routes, minimizing the time that snow builds up in these locations.

Convenience Of A Local Ann Arbor Snow Removal Company

Another reason why residents of the city patronize snow removal firms concerns convenience. As a rule of thumb, navigating across blowing drifts of snow can impose very unwelcome delays. Time spent clearing a path after heavy snows takes away resources that could be spent more productively elsewhere.

By relying on professional snow removal firms, property owners save time away from work and, frequently, money also. Outsourcing snow removal helps ensure that a home owner arrives at the office with a high energy level, ready to undertake a busy day. This convenience factor prompts many people to simply contract with landscapers for snow clearing services. Since these firms usually possesses a variety of specialized equipment designed to clear driveways, homeowners may prefer not to purchase snow removal tools. The convenience of hiring a service proves cost-effective!

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