June 15, 2021

Poor drainage on your property is more than just an annoyance you need to learn to live with. A soggy lawn after the rain is not where the problem ends. Poor drainage can cause insect problems, mold, mildew, erosion, rot, and even structural damage to your home. If you have drainage issues on your property, you need to address those problems with a drainage contractor before the problem gets bigger.

Kid and dog playing in a large puddle after a good rain.


A swale is a ditch which will divert water away from areas where water is pooling to lower graded areas so water can run off more effectively. Swales are covered with turf or plants that will thrive on excess water. However, swales can be prone to erosion if the water moves too fast or the runoff is too excessive.

Drain Systems

A French drain is one of the most common solutions to yard drainage issues because they address problems below the surface. A French drain most often is a trench with a perforated pipe and a fabric filter. The trench will be filled with gravel, and then topsoil and sod will be laid on top. Many French drains have an outlet at a lower lying point on the property. French drains are very effective, but installation can be extensive.

Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are similar to swales in that they are ditches that allow water to flow from areas where pooling is a problem to areas more suitable for drainage. A dry creek bed will be covered in rocks to mimic the look of a natural creek bed. Dry creek beds can be worked into the landscaping and are an aesthetically beautiful way to address drainage issues. Dry creek beds can deal with a lot of fast-moving water.

Rain Gardens

If the soggy areas of your yard are small and contained, a rain garden may be a way to address them. Rain gardens won’t address the drainage, but they will keep the spot from getting soggy. Filling the rain garden with water-loving plants can create a beautiful area of landscaping instead of a waterlogged spot of lawn.


Many drainage issues are due to poor grading on the property. A drainage contractor can assess the grading on your property and make a plan to remedy the grading to divert water away from the areas of poor drainage. This is an extensive remedy and usually something that will only be tried when other solutions have proved ineffective.

How Drainage Contractors Can Help

Drainage contractors have the experience and expertise to assess the drainage on your property, determine the root cause, and propose solutions that will fix the problem for the long term. Rather than simply attempting to cover up the problem, drainage contractors will assess your individual situation and design a solution for your property. Once the solution is implemented, the drainage contractors will be able to track your property for maintenance or repairs as necessary.

There is no need to simply accept a yard with poor drainage. If you worry about your home during every rainstorm and fear that the pooling water is damaging your home and property, it’s time to take control of the situation by reaching out to a drainage contractor like Twin Oaks Landscape. Finding a solution to the problem is a much better choice in the long run, and we can help. Contact us today.