When the time comes to bring the life of the party outdoors, a brick patio offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy that beautiful Ann Arbor summertime weather. It’s time for a landscape project! Brick paver patios are the definition of elegance, beauty, and durability.

Some homeowners like to combine an ornamental seat wall or other living concepts for their outdoor spaces, such as a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, making the brick paver patio so much more. The landscape designer will be able to transform an old landscape or a dingy concrete slap into a space that will fit a family’s lifestyle in ways they did not think possible.

Are Brick Paver Patios Affordable?

The affordability of brick patio pavers is dependent upon a number of factors including the shape, size, and so on. You will have to research the websites of local Ann Arbor businesses as well as retailers to do some comparison-shopping in order to glean actual pricing and estimates. Working with a designer on your actual site is the best way to go, though, because they will be able to consult with you regarding the estimate of your actual project.

Where Do I Obtain Ideas?

There are a number of ideas available online where consumers have posted pictures of their homes after their brick paver patios are finished. This is a great way to see the selection offered from a consumer’s point of view, as well as understand the process involved. Designers also have catalogs and sample pictures available to show during the initial consultation. They will be able to discuss the designs, tools, and materials to help you create a perfect outdoor living space.

Paver Patio Ann Arbor Contractor

Does it Need Constant Repair?

When brick paver patios are installed by inexperienced contractors or homeowners, sometimes without the proper knowledge or equipment, there is more of a chance of the patio needing repair than if it was professionally installed by a brick paving contractor in Ann Arbor. The most common repair is patios that have become wavy due to improper installation of brick pavers. No matter what the patio looks like, these repairs should be taken under strong consideration by the homeowner. What appears to be a disastrous mess could actually be repaired and are not complicated to those who are professionally trained contractors.

What is the Warranty on Pavers?

Do you live in or near Ann Arbor and are looking for brick patio pavers that carry lifetime warranties that are provided by the manufacturer.  Most brick patio pavers will begin showing problems, if any, within two months of the installation. A reputable brick paving contractor will return to the site and resolve these issues without any cost to you.

Beautiful Brick Patio Pavers

Brick patio pavers are a beautiful way to dress up your landscape and create an outdoor room. In addition, you will also be increasing the value of your home. So if you live in the Ann Arbor area and you’re looking for a great way to enhance your property, consider brick patio pavers.