October 21, 2015

Gardening JobsAs fall arrives in Ann Arbor MI, you may be thinking of enjoying the outside as much as you possibly can before snow starts to fall from the sky. However, as much as you want to sit back and relax in the sun, consider what is going to happen to your landscape if you fail to remove the fallen leaves. Raking leaves may not be your idea of fun, but it is something that needs to be done. Seasonal cleanup can prevent a lot of problems for you in the future.

Suffocation of Plants

In the autumn, leaves start to fall from the trees. Leaves that fall on your plants can quickly suffocate them. The plants are no longer getting the sun and will fail to thrive. As colder weather approaches, they will not be able to dig their roots in deep to get through the winter. What this means for you is a stark garden come spring. By removing the leaves, the sun will be able to do its job in helping them to prepare for the coming winter.

Leaf Mold

Failure to perform seasonal cleanup in the removal of leaves can cause leaf mold. While leaf mold has its benefits in soil, for a plant it can be deadly. Certain fungi will actually get inside the plant and steal the nutrients from the soil. In turn, the plant will be severely affected by the fungi and may even die. To prevent this from happening, it is a simple matter of removing the leaves from your garden in the fall.

The Killing of the Grass

You may also have grass in your garden and leaves are going to be what kills it off. If the leaves are left for a small amount of time and then removed, you may notice that your grass is starting to turn brown. The fact is that many kinds of grass in the Ann Arbor MI area do best in the cooler season. Fall is the time of year that they thrive. This is the time their root systems are strengthened and, if covered in leaves, they will not be able to do this and will succumb to disease or die.

Seasonal cleanup may not be one of the things you want to do in the fall. After all, this is the time of year that you can get outside and do many of the things you enjoy, whether it is hiking in the woods or taking a trip in the country. However, if you fail to do the necessary chore of raking leaves this fall, your garden is going to suffer. If you find that you simply do not have the time it takes or the energy to get the job done, consider hiring an expert. A professional landscaping company can come in and remove all leaves from your garden in a timely manner. Once your garden and yard area is cleaned up, you may just want to have one last hoorah barbecue for family and friends before the snow starts to fall.

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