August 17, 2021

Yard drainage problems can be frustrating. Standing water and soggy yards are both an eyesore and a danger to the structure and health of your home and property. When you have yard drainage problems, you need the right professionals to diagnose and address the problem. Finding the right landscaping and drainage contractors can fix your problems and leave your yard looking beautiful.

Garden bushes, tree and green grass lawn covered with water due to snow melting thaw and flash high water at spring.

What Causes Drainage Problems?

Drainage contractors will look for the primary cause of your drainage problems. Drainage issues are not always due to one single thing. Sometimes a yard with drainage issues is caused by a high clay content in the soil. Sometimes it can be due to a poorly graded yard with no run-off. Sometimes drainage problems may develop over time due to erosion or construction. But if you have pools of standing water, soggy areas of the yard, or foundation damage and water entering your home, you need to address this with landscaping and drainage contractors who are familiar with your area.

Why are Drainage Problems a Concern?

During heavy rain, a yard with drainage problems can accumulate large areas of standing water. If the water begins to accumulate against the house, it can cause damage to the crawl space, basement, and foundation. Water damage can cause mold, mildew, and even structural damage which can be very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to fix. Even if the standing water isn’t up against the structure of the house, a yard with drainage problems can begin to erode areas of the yard and create hollows. Standing water is also a breeding ground for fungus, mosquitos, and other pests and can make your yard difficult to enjoy.

What do Drainage Contractors Suggest to Address Drainage Problems?

Rather than focusing efforts on the damage that standing water and a soggy yard can cause, most landscaping and drainage contractors will find a solution to the soggy areas and standing water first. Depending on the property and the reason for the drainage problems, there are several solutions.

  • French Drains

French drains are one of the most popular solutions proposed by drainage contractors. A French drain is a trench with a drainage pipe that runs a few feet from the house and goes below the frost line so the water that flows through will not freeze and crack the pipe. The pipe will be fitted with small holes and positioned to run in a slight downward slope, encouraging the water to flow away from the yard and the foundation of the house. The pipe will usually sit on a thin bed of gravel, and the trench itself will be filled with gravel to allow the water to flow more easily. The gravel can be worked into the landscaping, or the drain and gravel can be topped with sod for an unbroken look.

  • Re-Grading an Area

Many properties were not graded well during construction, and others may have initially been graded correctly, but over time the flow has changed. In a re-grading project, the property will have the existing vegetation removed, the ground tilled, and topsoil added to achieve the correct slopes. Landscaping and drainage contractors are the right professionals to handle your drainage concerns.

Finding the Right Landscaping and Drainage Contractors

Some landscaping and drainage contractors can solve all your issues, and sometimes you may need to look for separate drainage contractors. The important thing is to find landscaping and drainage contractors who will be able to solve your water issues and keep your yard looking great. Finding a company who can handle both the practical and the aesthetic features of your drainage solution is best. When you look for landscaping and drainage contractors, begin with finding a local drainage contractor who can determine why drainage is an issue for your property. Once the underlying issue is identified, the solutions and landscaping adjustments can be made.

Drainage contractors are essential when you have a soggy yard or continuous standing water. If you notice issues on your property, don’t ignore them. Finding the right professional is key to protecting your property from excess water damage over time. We’re your local landscape experts with clay soil experience and if you’re dealing with drainage issues on your property, we can help. Contact Twin Oaks Landscape today to learn more.