In taking a drive through the neighborhood, what is the first thing you notice? You’re right, the landscaping surrounding the homes. When the landscape of property is maintained, the appearance and value of the property appears richer.


LandscapeĀ  Maintenance

Yet, you don’t see every neighbor out diligently working, feeding and fertilizing, to maintain that look and feel of thick green carpet. Some homes give the appearance of effortless maintenance. That is because they have put their trust inĀ  landscape maintenance service that offers year-round lawn and landscape maintenance. With a knowledgeable lawn maintenance service, you never have to experience periods where your lawn looks as if your landscaping was hit by a drought, or you appear to just neglect the investment you have in your property and landscaping.

Shrubbery and Trees

A lawn treatment service will provide you with the year-round beauty your home deserves. Relieve you of the worry of when to feed, fertilize and cut. Landscape services attend to your foliage too. Who knows better when disease or damage is beginning to affect your shrubbery and trees than a specialist. Attention to details in your landscape can save you money over time by taking care of problems before they take over your budget. We very rarely climb up in our trees to check every limb for disease or storm damage, but maybe we should if we haven’t had a maintenance company check for damage over the previous winter.

Watering and Irrigation

Possibly your problem is improper, broken or damaged irrigation or the need for a newly updated irrigation system. Maybe areas of your landscape are not receiving proper irrigation with some areas being over-watered, and others under-watered. It is always a good idea to have a specialist evaluate the situation and repair your existing irrigation system, or install a new updated system that will save you time and money not to mention unnecessary worry.

Tree Removal

Other areas a maintenance company can assist you is with the removal of damaged or dead trees before they become a problem. Annual trimming to remove damaged limbs and apply proper feeding to trees that are aging and need nutritional assistance to maintain their health and beauty.

Flower Beds, Rose Gardens, and the Pleasure Gardener

Many homeowners in Ann Arbor MI choose to maintain their flower beds, trim their own roses, and take care of many gardening needs, but consult with their garden specialists when it comes to their lawn, shrubs, fruit trees, and decorative trees to limit their maintenance to the portions of their yard they can easily maintain and enjoy doing. This leaves the heavy work and drudgery to the specialists, and the enjoyment of the yard to the pleasure gardener.

Vegetable Gardens

Maybe you are the homeowner who loves to grow their own vegetables, but the preparation that is required in preparing the beds for planting is a little more work than you care to undertake this year. Why not engage your landscape maintenance specialists to assist you in pre-determining and preparing your vegetable beds for planting and have the proper irrigation system installed. You can then plant your vegetables and enjoy the freshness and healthiness of your vegetable garden in Ann Arbor MI.