April 8, 2020

Landscaping with plants and flowers on the edge of a dry creek bed in a yard.

Standing water in your yard can have serious consequences. Flooded landscaping, puddling around foundation, swampy spots, eroding landscaping, and water pooling below porches and decks are not only unpleasant to look at, but can cost you in repairs and lower your property value. During rainy periods, having a yard with good drainage is important to maintain the value of your home and save you costly repairs. A dry creek bed could be the solution you need. Talking to a landscaping contractor about your drainage issues is the right step to take to solve your water problems before it damages your property any further.

What is a Dry Creek Bed?

A dry creek bed is a feature in your yard that will divert and carry water from areas of poor drainage to other areas. Simply put, it is just what it sounds like – a slightly sunken path made of stones with a liner underneath to define the path. It will be dry most of the time but will function as a creek when it rains and drainage is a problem, directing the water away from areas where drainage is poor.

How Do I Create a Dry Creek Bed?

The first step is to identify the area your dry creek bed will be in your yard. Dry creek beds work best in yards with some natural slope. A landscape contractor is often key in determining the best spot for a dry creek location. Once the area has been marked, a shallow trench will be created. The most important step is to line creek bed with either a waterproof or water permeable liner. Without the liner, the bed can quickly become muddy. After lining, stones will be laid to fill the trench. River rocks are usually preferred because of their smooth, natural look.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to the main benefit of controlling the water flow, dry creek beds have other benefits as well. They are often beautiful landscaping focal points, especially when care is taken to plant around them.  They can divide your landscape with natural looking borders. Dry creek beds add interest to spaces that might otherwise be difficult to landscape. They also create a more sustainable landscaping feature for dry weather, since they are not as high maintenance as other parts of your lawn.

A dry creek bed can be a beneficial addition to a property with or without drainage issues. Contact us today to get plans in place to solve your water problems and create a beautiful outdoor space on your property.