July 26, 2019

Close up of two men shaking hands.One of the most important elements of a successful landscape is drainage. Without proper drainage, your landscape is prone to experience all kinds of issues, from erosion to foundation damage to the potential death of your plants as a result of too much water. Fortunately, a good landscape drainage contractor can help improve your drainage if you have issues with standing water (often caused by things like poor grading and lackluster landscape layout planning). The following are six ways that a landscape drainage contractor can help improve your landscape’s drainage:

1. A Landscape Drainage Contractor Can Add Catch Drains

Your gutter system is supposed to collect the rainwater that rolls down your roof and disperse it away from your home. However, the downspouts of your gutter system may not have been installed in a place where water can be properly dispersed, resulting in standing water near the foundation of your home (where it can leak through and cause serious damage). Catch drains are drains that are attached to your gutter system. These catch drains extend the route of the rainwater being collected by sending it into an underground drainage system by way of a basin, thereby preventing the water from collecting near your foundation.

2. Adding Channel Drains

If any of your hardscape features have drainage problems, adding channel drains may be the best solution. Channel drains are typically installed between buildings or other structures. They work by sending water through a grate into a pipe system.

Residential Drainage System Creation on the side of a brick house.

3. Digging Ditch and Slope Drains

If you have issues with grading throughout your landscape, digging ditch and slope drains can address this in a simple manner. Ditch and slope drains can help prevent erosion. Additionally, they can be landscaped over to ensure that your lawn maintains a seamless look.

Residential Drainage on a brick house.

4. Adding French Drains

If the layout of your landscape was designed without drainage in mind, then you might have drainage issues with your bed layouts, which can cause your plant life to drown. French drains are perforated drainpipes that run under your landscape, including under grass and flowerbeds, thereby creating a drainage system for the entire yard that’s completely hidden from view.

5. Amending the Soil

One of the most common drainage issues is caused by the use of the wrong type of soil. If your soil is too compact, it means that water won’t be able to drain through it — it will just sit on top of the soil. An aeration service can help to loosen up the soil, making it easier for water to seep through. Amending the soil with humus or sand can help solve your draining issues as well.

These are just six ways that a landscape drainage contractor can improve the drainage of your yard. If you’re having issues with drainage in your landscape, contact us at Twin Oaks Landscape to find out more about our drainage solutions today.