July 31, 2015

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Here are ten simple landscaping ideas to brighten your home’s exterior.Landscapers Ann Arbor

1. Maintenance First

Neglected yards scream messy, but a little TLC works wonders. Here’s a checklist of items to inspect and repair.
-Edge, mow, blow or sweep; rake and bag or mulch with leaves; trim shrubs and trees.
-Pressure wash concrete, porches, patios.
-Repair cracks in walkways and driveway.
-Replace hardware such as house numbers, entry door handles and wall-mounted mailboxes.
-Fresh mulch instantly defines and brightens your home.

2. After a Storm

Serious storm damage in Ann Arbor MI, may require professional home damage restoration service. Homeowners can remove broken branches and debris to the curb for pickup, and rake the lawn. Perform any maintenance you had planned, like clearing flower beds or installing a mailbox garden.

3. Prune Shrubs

Out-of-control landscaping clutters yards. Are plants and shrubs overgrown, crowding the bed or too big for their space?
-Trim sparingly instead of a harsh buzz cut, and don’t be afraid to divide and transplant.
-Prune about one-third off growth annually, skirting around the base within six inches of the ground.
-Trim plants touching the house eight to twelve inches away.
-Tame shrubs drooping into the driveway, blocking the view from the street to the front door or keeping natural light from streaming inside.

4. Trim Trees

Inspect trees each fall for dangerous dead wood that may require professional tree service removal before it crashes someone’s house. Prune flowering trees in the fall before it frosts or at winter’s end, but not in the spring or summer.

5. Add Mulch

Improper mulching robs trees and shrubs of important nutrients, so make sure none is touching the trunk of the plants. About three to six inches of mulch is enough to retain moisture and prevent growth of weeds.

6. Railings and Fencing

Patch and paint loose porch rails and fencing. Repair or install fencing, making sure everything compliments your home’s design and color.

7. Accent With Paint

Paint over concrete with colored concrete resurfacer for a custom look. In areas like Ann Arbor MI, where ice and snow are regular winter weather events, use a textured paint to help prevent slipping. Refresh lawn furniture with matching color too.

8. Hardscape Walkways, Driveway, Patio

Hardscaping is a worthwhile investment in curb appeal.Floral Border
-Set pavers, bricks, or stone to define planting beds or create a walkway.
-Replace straight concrete paths with contoured stone or brick.

9. Install New Landscaping

If your home has no landscaping, install beds near the front door, not in straight lines but that contour in proportion to your home. Outline with pavers or brick to define, and mulch to finish. Maybe your mailbox needs a small bed of shrubs and flowering companions?

10. Outdoor Lighting

Low-voltage fixtures near the front entry or along walkways add dramatic nighttime display. Use solar powered lights if you cannot install lights that require wiring. Check that curtains or window coverings and indoor lighting present a uniform look from the curb.

What gardens or lawns inspire you when you drive by? Landscaping ideas are all around, so copy some favorites and bring them home to enjoy. Wherever you live in the Ann Arbor MI, area, kick up your home’s curb appeal with simple landscaping ideas.

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