March 4, 2017

 People work hard to install hardscaping that compliments their property. Sadly, much of that is undone throughout the winter months. You can spare yourself the tears, however, by properly maintaining your porch and walkway.
Keep snow off your hardscaping, avoid harsh chemicals and use the right tools to protect your walkway and porch. Don’t forget to keep up general maintenance, including rerouting runoff, and you’ll discover your hardscaping beautifully weather the winter.

Snow Maintenance

Snow blanketing the earth in pristine white is a beautiful vision to behold. Unfortunately, warmer weather melts the snow, water seeps into the cracks of your hardscaping and then freezes when temperatures plummet. Rather than allow the resulting ice to damage your hardscaping, shovel the snow off as soon as it settles. Otherwise, the constant Ann Arbor Michigan winter pattern of freezing and thawing will destroy your hard work.

Chemical Risks

Deicing agents are tempting because they make hardscaping maintenance easy. The downside is they also stain and damage the surface of your porch and walkway. Instead of spending your spring repairing the damage caused by deicing agents, avoid using them and preserve the beauty of your lawn. However, if a deicing agent is a must, use less destructive products such as:

  • Sand
  • Sawdust
  • Wood Shavings
  • Kitty Litter

Decrease the Damage

People often damage their hardscape without realizing it by using the wrong tools or wearing the wrong shoes. There’s no doubt spikes on your shoes spare you from suffering a bad fall, but stomping around on your porch damages the surface. Likewise, using a metal shovel leaves scratches in your hardscape. You can minimize the winter damage by using a heavy duty plastic or rubber-tipped shovel.

Protective Maintenance

A crucial step in maintenance throughout the winter in Ann Arbor Michigan is repairing scratches and cracks in your hardscaping. If left untended, the weakened areas become a serious issue when water fills the cracks and freezes. Spare yourself the major spring overhaul and repair the minor damage when you find it. Replace broken stones, fill cracks and seal your hardscaping.

Runoff Sorrows

Winter weather doesn’t just mean snow for Ann Arbor Michigan residents. Rain, hail and sleet are as likely, all of which can lead to heavy runoff from your home’s roof. Unfortunately, the impact of the water will erode pavers and concrete as well as rot wood. However, you can prevent the damage by routing runoff away from your hardscaping. Finally, make sure you continue to check the runoff as part of your general hardscaping maintenance.

Winter maintenance of your hardscaping is far easier when you follow a few simple steps. That includes using rubber tipped or plastic shovels, avoiding chemicals and spikes and keeping runoff away from your home. In addition, shoveling snow off your walkway and porch and repairing cracks at the earliest opportunity also goes a long way to preserving the beauty of your home’s hardscaping.