Spring is in full swing, and summer is coming in fast. This is such a fun season, a time for picnics, swimming and even fun boating activities. However, it’s also a time of work, and a lot of it, especially if you own your home. The season means it’s time to get that lawn mower out. But do you really want to, or would you rather hire a service to come in and handle your total lawn care needs?

Landscaping in the garden

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try, your lawn in your Ann Arbor MI home, just doesn’t have that professional manicured look of other lawns. The reason is because you are not a professional. Not only do you have to really work at keeping that lawn cut, but it never looks as good as the neighbor’s. Why? Because your neighbor hires a specialty lawn care firm and let’s the professionals do the job for him.

Why Should You Hire a Specialty Total Lawn Care Firm_?
Hiring a professional in Ann Arbor MI affords you several advantages. Primarily when you have a professional come in your lawn becomes one of the lushest and most beautiful lawns in the neighborhood but you also get something else that is valuable; time. By getting someone else to care for your lawn you have enough time to enjoy the evenings and weekends. A professional offers the latest growing techniques and fertilizers the market has to offer. Still not convinced? Well, the following three reasons may help change your mind.

1. References
A professional lawn care service will have references that speak for their work, and a reliable company will never hesitate to show you those references, as they are extremely proud of their work.

2. They are a walking encyclopedia of horticulture knowledge
These are professionals who know their stuff and can tell the difference between the different varieties of grass, flowers and plants. It would take you a year or two of constant study to have just a bit of the knowledge they do, and they are willing to share this information with you. That’s right hiring a professional can educate you, but leave you free to deal with more important tasks.

3. Professionals restore the health of your lawn
As a homeowner, we often think that the lawn only needs watering and a good mowing. But there is so much more to the process. A certified lawn care technician can identify plant diseases or pests that can plague your grass and landscaped areas. They know what the latest planting and transplanting techniques in horticulture and know how to bring a damaged lawn with yellow or bald spotting back to health.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to hiring a professional is that you wont have to buy unnecessary equipment, products or tools. They take care of it all and free up your time so you can spend it with your loved ones. If you want a quality lawn care firm then don’t hesitate to call us today.

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