Every lawn in Ann Arbor needs some basic care during and between seasons. Aeration is something that many homeowners do not really know about. The process involves creating regular air holes across the lawn. There are several reasons why the lawn outside a home needs aeration every season.

Lawn Aerator

Allow the Roots to Breathe

The roots of the grass in a lawn need to breathe in order to grow and stay healthy. The density of lawns that are not aerated could actually restrict the amount of oxygen available to the roots. This can lead to:

– Patches of dead grass
– Weak root systems
– Short or discolored grass blades

Calling professionals to perform lawn aeration in Ann Arbor Michigan will prevent these problems by allowing more air to reach the roots.

Stop Thatch from Harming the Lawn

Thatch develops when the roots of the grass start to form a dense mat just beneath the grass. Thatch can also be made from previous grass clippings. A thick layer of thatch can deprive a lawn of nutrients and strangle the roots. The best way to handle this in Ann Arbor Michigan is through lawn aeration. Aeration will break up the thatch so that grass can grow normally. Aeration also allows thick thatch to break down and reincorporate into the soil naturally.

Deliver Water and Nutrients to the Roots

Only a small amount of water actually reaches the deepest roots if a lawn has not been aerated correctly. The rest of the water will evaporate or vanish in the wind. With professional lawn aeration, Ann Arbor Michigan homeowners can be sure a larger amount of water is reaching the roots. This creates a stronger and healthier lawn.

Encourage a Deeper Root System

Grass is healthiest and most resilient when it has a deep root system. Establishing deep roots is nearly impossible when the soil has been compacted and bound together by thatch. Ann Arbor Michigan homeowners need lawn aeration so that the grass can establish deep roots. Deep roots can draw more nutrients and water to the plant. It also allows the grass to grow more aggressively.

Better Drainage

Drainage is very important for a healthy lawn. Lawns that do not have good draining could encounter problems like:

– Diseases and fungus
– Higher densities of destructive pests
– Eroded areas of soil

Lawn aeration is a simple way to prevent these problems outside Ann Arbor Michigan homes. Aeration provides a place for excess water to drain away. This prevents pooling that could drown plants or encourage the development of molds, mildews and fungus.

Break Up Compacted Soil

The soil under a lawn is compacted every time someone walks across the property. It also compacts naturally after heavy rains or between growing seasons. Compacted soil can choke grass. It also captures water and nutrients so that they are inaccessible to the grass. Aerating a lawn will break apart the soil so that it is loose and light. This allows the grass to grow strong and to better resist problems like disease and changes in temperature.

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