Warm weather is here. It’s time to mow the lawns and add a splash of color to salute spring and summer. If you want your yard to look its best, then contact Twin oaks, Saline, Michigan’s most creative landscapers. Utilizing 2D Landscape Design, they can transform your outdoor space into a dreamscape that will make your spirit soar and bring a smile to the faces of passersby. They employ a diverse mix of landscaping elements to bring out the beauty in your property. Their experienced, knowledgeable staff will use the perfect plants, flowers, shrubs, bushes, and rocks to make your landscaping look amazing.

The Landscaping Elements They Use

As part of their landscape designs they employ a variety of landscape elements. They include:

Open Space
Living Space

Why They Work

Lawns are the foundation of just about any landscaping project. They are attractive, easy to maintain and provides open space for your family to comfortably play or relax. Combining the wide open space of lawns with shade allows for a wider variety of flowers and plants to thrive in your yard. That shade can be provided by trees, awnings, and umbrellas that will make you better able to enjoy your property even in the heat of the day. Add flower beds or planters with a variety of flowers that bloom at different times and your yard will always be bright and beautiful.

Lighting And Living Space

Creative use of outdoor lighting elements allows you to continue to enjoy your yard after dark. Some of the types of outdoor lighting used by 2D Landscape Design of Saline, Michigan include:

Area Lights
Deck Lights
Directional Lights
Flood Lights
Hardscape Lights
Path Lights
Rope Lights
Spot Lights
Step Lights
Tree-Mount Lights
Wall lights
Well Lights

Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to illuminate walkways, highlight ponds or waterfalls, or enable you to appreciate the beauty of tree groupings or flower gardens at night. This can make it fun to gather in outdoor living spaces like decks and patios all summer long whether you are grilling, having a party or just relaxing on outdoor furniture with family and friends. Good landscaping enables you to enjoy your yard like ne before. This company transforms your lawn into an inviting play area for children and a place for the entire family to picnic and have fun.

The ability of 2D Landscape Design to create photography representations outdoor lighting, open space, outdoor living space, flowers, bushes, water features, and other landscape elements is what sets the technology apart apart. What is truly amazing is they can almost magically make any piece of land look more beautiful for prices which are affordable on just about any budget and help you to enjoy your yard. They can also add to your enjoyment of the beauty of your pool, sports courts and any other outdoor feature in your home.

Want landscaping work that can add to the curb appeal and increase the value of any property in Saline, Michigan? Contact us today.