January 9, 2020

Standing water in the front yard of a residential property.

A soggy yard that doesn’t drain is a nightmare. Grass won’t grow well and the constant pools of water are an unsightly breeding ground for mosquitoes. Taking on the problem singlehandedly could be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the time and resources.

Who Can Help Solve a Soggy Yard?

Landscaping contractors, in general, can help you solve virtually any problem you’re having with your lawn. They are not only great at growing lawns and gardens but also good at setting the ground right.

Look for landscapers who specialize in new lawn creation, ground leveling, and drainage management as they are best suited for such a project.

You Can Always Start With Simple DIY Fixes

If you are handy with tools, you can try some DIY fixes and see if they solve the problem. Sometimes, your drainage issues could be because your roof dumps water at the wrong place and you don’t have the right drainage systems for it.

Stand back and inspect the source of the water. If it is from a sump pump discharge or a downspout, consider redirecting the water flow to another spot.

When to Call a Professional Drainage Contractor

While some homeowners can fix simple drainage problems on their own, it is wise to call in the experts if the problem is beyond your capabilities. Get professional contractors to handle the problem if:

  • The possible solutions are more complex than you can handle.
  • You don’t have the time or resources to implement the fixes.
  • You don’t know how to secure permits to fix the problem.

Some advanced fixes that you shouldn’t do on your own include:

Grading the Yard to Fix the Slope

A well-pitched yard should naturally drain by letting water flow down by gravity. If your lawn isn’t well oriented, water will sit around or seep into the ground instead of flowing away. The best way to fix this is by digging up the yard or adding soil to change the slope. This could be a massive undertaking for one person.

Hooking Up to Local Government’s Drainage

Connecting any drainage pipes or trenches you build to the municipal storm drainage might need some permits. Moreover, your local government could inspect your drainage before allowing you to hook up. Such a project is best left to licensed professionals.

Adding a French Drain

Redirecting water in your lawn discreetly is important, and having a French Drain installed by a drainage contractor will keep your yard dry and looking great. Because French Drains are buried under the soil, it will look as though nothing is even there. This is a perfect solution to maintaining your curb appeal and eliminating your water problem.

Finding the Right Drainage Contractor

While all of these potential drainage solutions sound great, choosing the right one for your yard can be tricky. Ask your drainage contractor if they have or work with engineers that can provide a proven solution to various drainage issues. Your first step in this process should be educating yourself on the knowledge, resources, and capabilities of the drainage contractor you choose. If your yard needs an “out of the box” solution to your drainage problems, you’ll want someone who can identify the problem and solve it with their experience in what they know will work and what won’t. Twin Oaks Landscape works with three different engineers, all of which are experts in their field, and we can help you decide which will be best for you based on your unique drainage needs.

It is always good to first inspect your lawn to identify the drainage problems before calling in someone. The inspection will not only give you an idea of the scope of work but also tell you if you can fix the problem on your own. If you need to call a landscaping expert, Twin Oaks Landscape can help. We’ll inspect your yard and discuss options for taking care of your drainage issues once and for all. Contact us today.