If you live in Ann Arbor Michigan, you know that the winter can be brutal. Temperatures with wind chill can reach into the negative teens and lower. Many plants that can survive in warmer temperatures throughout the United States will not survive the winter of Ann Arbor Michigan. Picking the right household plants will help you keep the plants you purchased from dying. If you are going to obtain landscaping, winter services can do only so much and you are going to need to make sure you pick the right plants for the cold winter of Ann Arbor Michigan.
Frozen Water In The Downspout

Lady Palm is one plant that can take extremely cold temperatures. Even though one might think of any sort of “palm” plant as being only for hot temperatures, the Lady Palm, whose Scientific Name is Rhapsis excelsa, can withstand extremely cold temperatures that most plants could not. The Lady Palm can survive in extreme cold; Lady Palm can take even freezing temperatures without any problems.

The Lady Palm has defensive mechanisms that protect itself from the cold temperatures that can devastate many other types of plants. The leaves are allowed to die in extreme temperatures and cover up sensitive areas of the plant; this mechanism allows for sensitive areas of the plant to survive. Younger shoots will begin to grow when temperatures rise up again.

Citrus trees are another plant that can withstand up to freezing temperatures. The citrus tree is able to produce fruit when there are warmer climates as well. The citrus tree is great on an outdoor patio or other area that you like in or around your home. The citrus tree will maintain a great appearance in even very cold weather. The citrus tree can also provide great foliage during colder months.

The clivia plant is another plant that can take extremely cold weather without a problem. The clivia plant can withstand cold temperatures. Another great and attractive feature of the clivia plant is that the clivia plant also does not need much water. The clivia plant only needs to be watered infrequently in order for it to survive.

The sago palm is another plant that can withstand cold temperatures without a problem. It is funny how are there so many “palms” that can withstand such cold temperatures, but it is the truth. The sago palm also does not need much watering as well. It has very unique looks, so if you want a plant with very unique looks for your house; it is definitely a plant to look into.

The last plant in this article to discuss that can survive cold winters is the Christmas Cactus. The Christmas Cactus (Scientific name Schlumergera) is a cactus that can withstand extremely cold temperatures and does not need much watering as well to keep alive. Some can have attractive flowers that will give your house a nice look throughout the year.

Picking the right plants is just as important as picking the right landscaping company for winter services. If you pick the right company, you will be successful in keeping your plants alive and looking good for many years.

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