May 31, 2014

iStock_000001849825small_largeFlowers are just one of the many beautiful things about the summer time. We can plant the best summer flowers for your specific needs. There are so many flower choices available depending on what you are looking for. We can turn you ordinary yard into a bright and gorgeous yard that will attract plenty of compliments.

Great Flower Choices:
. Profusion Zinnias
. Stella de Oro Daylily
. Purple Coneflower
. Sunflowers
. Aster
. Dahlia

Zinnia hybrida profusion coralProfusion Zinnias
Profusion Zinnias are perfect for the summer. We can place them on a path or around your lawn. These flowers are a nice choice if you enjoy picking bouquets. You can choose from orange, white, or cherry flower blooms. These lovely flowers are amazing to look at and can help your yard to look its best. This flower is a great choice for anyone in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area because it will grow and flourish in this climate.


StellStella De Oro Daylilya de Oro Daylily
If you want a beautiful flower that will offer a new bloom each day, try the Stella de Oro Daylily. This bright golden yellow flower is a perfect choice if you are interested in summer flowers. Although each bloom of this flower only lasts for a day, there are many blooms on each stem. You can enjoy seeing a new bloom day after day if you allow us to plant these unique flowers in your garden.


Echinacea FlowersPurple Coneflower
The Purple Coneflower is a charming flower that not only looks good, but also attracts butterflies into your yard. You can enjoy picking these flowers to create a lovely vase full of blooms that will look great on your kitchen table or anywhere else you want to place them. These purple flowers will turn your yard into a beautiful spot.

Sunflowers always bloom looking towards the sun. There are different types of Sunflowers that you can choose from. Some people enjoy 10 foot plants with large flowers, but there are shorter options available too. These flowers look great in any garden. They also make nice cut flowers that will look great in a vase.

Pink Aster flowersAster
Aster is a beautiful choice for any yard. These flowers come in lavender, pink, or white. These cute looking flowers will bloom all summer long and help your yard to look inviting. If you want to have a yard that has lovely flowers in it, we can plant these sweet looking flowers for you.


Red Dahlia FlowersDahlia
We can plant Dahlias in your yard to give it a bold and incredible look. These flowers will give your yard a burst of color that will be very noticeable right away. If you are looking for a unique flower for your garden, Dahlias can really make a big impact.


Summer flowers in Ann Arbor, Michigan are a great way to decorate your landscape. We can make sure that you have the right flowers for the look that you want. Our professionals look forward to giving you a customized landscape with your choice of summer blooms.