November 20, 2014

Even in the dead of winter, in cold Ann Arbor Michigan, nature still finds a way to amaze us. Certain plants flourish and survive the harshest conditions and can lend amazing color to the otherwise drab palate of winter. Winter services make it simple to have stunning vibrant color, and even flowers, when it is cold and dreary outside. Nature has learned to survive in the strangest and most seemingly inhospitable places, so long as you know what types of plants to look for.

What Can Survive in Ann Arbor Michigan in Winter?

Winter services provided by reputable, quality landscaping company, can transform the otherwise colorless landscape of winter into a colorful paradise.

There are a number of trees and shrubs which flower in the winter, as well as plants and flowers that maintain their shape and color, even as the temperatures drop.

The following hardy plants will be covered:bigstock-Snowdrops-43206649

Snow Drops
Crepe Myrtle
Witch Hazel

Examples of Choices

Camellias are an evergreen type shrub that has glossy, thick green leaves and beautiful flowers that bloom all winter. There are some 280 different varieties of camellia, suited to different climate variations, as well as prized for their different aesthetic qualities. Blooms ranging from pink to red will add a brilliant burst of color against the monochromatic winter color palate.

Snow drops are another flower that can withstand very harsh conditions. These small, white, bell-shaped flowers can often be seen peeking out through a layer of snow. These are incredibly hardy plants that can withstand growing in the snow for quite some time. They can also lay dormant under the snow, if the conditions above are too harsh, until the weather becomes conducive to their growth once again.

Crepe myrtle trees are another option for a colorful winter garden. These are unique trees that have bark that peels in certain spots, which give them their signature appearance. The tree flowers with little clusters of small flowers. The flowers can range in color from purple to white. These trees originate in Asia and are hardy to colder climates.

Witch hazel is another option for the winter garden. A shrub, witch hazel has long been prized for it’s medicinal qualities as an astringent and more. These are hardy shrubs which can withstand snow and winter temperatures and produce a vibrant display of yellow flowers. The tree does not flower until the weather turns colder, typically in fall or early winter.

Hellebores, also called the snow rose, is a European plant that flowers incredibly early, often as early as January. With a similar color palate to roses, these plants are hardy and tolerant of the cold weather. They thrive in these environments and provide a profusion of color, even with snow on the ground.

No matter what the conditions, nature has learned to thrive, even in the most inhospitable of places. Even in Ann Arbor Michigan, during the dead of winter, one can have a riot of color and unique beauty. There are a variety of flowers, flowering trees, and flowering shrubs that fare just fine in the cold winters of the northern United States, as they are hardy and robust. High quality winter services from a time-honored landscaping company make it incredibly easy to have a beautiful, tranquil, colorful yard, even when it’s cold.