July 22, 2014


The right combination of trees can make your yard look colorful and bright. Having engaging colors and patterns throughout your yard may improve your mood and outlook each day. Choosing the wrong tree types, however, will take away from those benefits with their increased care needs and leaf litter. Thankfully, you can make the right choices during the planting period, and enjoy your additions stress-free for years to come. Here are four awesome tree types to plant in your yard separately or together.


100_1024Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple is a short, yet expansive, tree with a pleasant rounded top. The jagged, pointy leaves pleasantly contrast the domed shape. Leaves vary from squatty green shapes and colors to long, spindly red ones. You can mix and match maple varieties to showcase one of each leave shape and color. These trees need very little care since you don’t need to prune the branches off each year to promote good health.


RedbudEastern redbud tree in full bloom with sprinkling of wildflowers

If you’d like a taller, more colorful tree, consider the gorgeous redbud. At nearly thirty feet tall, the redbud can grow nearly twice the height of the prior two tree types. You can plant this tree wherever you need a bit of extra shade. The leaves change color throughout the year, moving from purple to green to yellow as the months go by. The bright purple color catches everyone’s attention as they walk through the neighborhood or visit your home.


japanese weeping cherry treeWeeping Cherry

If you want your yard to burst forth with color starting early in the season, the weeping cherry is your best bet. This tree grows to a towering forty feet tall in just a few years. As a result, it does best far from buildings and fences. Planting this tree over water features allows its gorgeous drooping branches to hang just above the water. This effect seems to double the color as the cherry blossoms reflect in the surface of the water. The best part is that the bright pink blooms make this tree look like a swirl of cotton candy.


Plant Today

Consider hiring a landscaper to source, place and plant your trees for you. Although planting is easy, finding healthy trees from the nursery and placing them in the right spots can challenge even experienced gardeners. Each tree has specific care needs you must meet to make sure it grows to its full potential. Limited blooms or stunted growth can result from planting your trees in the wrong spot or starting with an unhealthy specimen.