March 27, 2014

Size matters when you choose a lawn mower. Small and medium size lawns are perfect for getting some exercise while you cut the grass, but large lawns usually need a mower that you can ride. Lots in subdivisions are usually small to medium, and you can use any mower there except a large rider. A half acre lot has 21,780 square feet, big enough to make buying a riding mower worthwhile. Here are pros and cons of mowers for small, medium and large yards.


Choosing the Best Mower for Small Yards
Old fashioned reel mowers are still available if you want one, but these four powered machines may suit you better.

1. Reel
Pushing a reel mower may remind you of the days when your dad put you in charge of caring for the lawn. The blades of the mower cut the grass crisply without damaging it if you keep them sharp. You get to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass without any smoke or gasoline fumes. You have to walk pretty fast to get the best results, and the mower does not work well with tall or thick weeds.

2. Corded Electric
An electric mower starts every time, makes no noise and produces no fumes. Using an extension cord limits how far you can travel with it, and backing over it while mowing around shrubs creates a live power source that is dangerous.

3. Cordless Electric
With the same advantages of a corded electric model, the cordless model removes the worry about running over the extension cord. The mower uses battery power, and you have to remember to recharge it.

4. Walk Behind Push
You get more power in a gasoline engine than is available in reel or electric mowers, but it makes noise and generates fumes.

Finding a Fit for a Medium Size Yard
A riding mower is worth considering for a medium size yard if for no other reason than that it is fun to ride. Not as large or as powerful as a garden tractor, it lets you get the job done quickly and efficiently. While it may need few repairs if you keep the oil reservoir clean and full, most riding mowers require service by a professional lawn mower mechanic.

As an alternative to a rider, a walk behind mower that pulls itself is powerful and easy to use. The only difficulty in using a self propelled model is that it can require some effort to back it out of small spaces.

Going for a Big Mower
Yards that are an acre or more need a lawn tractor or a garden tractor. The difference between them is the size of the mower deck and the additional power required to run them. If you have to mow around trees and shrubs, a zero radius mower can turn sharply and save time while you mow.

Whether you want to spend a lot or a little, you can find a mower that is right for you.  Or a company that will do it for you!