August 12, 2015

Hardscapes on your property can improve the resale value of your home in Ann Arbor MI, but you must choose the hardscapes that make the most sense for your property. You cannot combine several different ideas into

Natural Stone Landscaping on conglomerate that you believe will massively increase the price of your house. You must choose the designs that make the most sense for your home, and you must select designs that you have always wanted on your property. Try any of these design ideas for your home’s beauty, value and style.

#1: Stone Walkways

A stone walkway that leads from one part of your property to your another will look mystical, and the people who visit your home will enjoy walking the pathways from one end to the other. You can turn your home into a miniature walking trail, and the walkways will add a color to your home that was not there before.

#2: Stone Patio

A stone patio will instantly improve the appearance of your backyard, but you must decide on the shape of the patio before you get started. You are free to choose any shape you like, and you may create something no one else has ever done. There are several geometric shapes that will improve the style of your backyard, and you may outline the patio with heavy bricks. The interior pavers can make their own pattern, or you can put your monogram on the patio. A custom patio increases your home’s value immensely, and visitors will be impressed with the work you have done.

#3: Brick Retaining WallsIMG_3043

Retaining walls are necessary on properties that slope to one side or the other, but a retaining can be quite unattractive. A brick retaining wall is much more attractive than wood, and brick will last forever. You should avoid using railroad ties that will look good until the first heavy snow or rain. The color of wood will not last, but bricks will look perfect even after the heaviest snow in decades.

#4: Stone Steps

The steps that lead up from the lawn to your front door should be made of a durable stone. Creating wood steps may look nice today, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to keep up the wood of those steps for a long period of time. The stones you choose for your steps can complement the colors on your house, and the stones will stand up to even the heaviest weather.

The selections in this article help you understand how to change the value of your home with simple stones and pavers. Each project is well worth the time if you are willing to begin construction today, and you will benefit when you sell your home in the future. Homes in Ann Arbor MI increase in inherent value when they have been improved by their owners over the years, and the hardscaping projects here are some of the easiest to complete. Contact a professional for assistance when you are ready to improve your home.

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