November 1, 2015

leaf-removal-maintenance-programWhen it comes to the changing of the seasons, seasonal cleanup tends to be one of the biggest complaints for most homeowners. It often seems like we just finish with the waterline repairs and snow cleanup of the Winter when a Spring storm arrives and leaves us with a fresh itinerary of home repairs and broken tree limbs to gather. If you are one of the fortunate ones to live in a beautiful area like Ann Arbor MI, you also have to deal with seasonal cleanup issues such as falling leaves in Autumn or re-sodding the lawn after a dry Summer. With so many seasonal cleanup jobs to be done, wouldn’t it be easier to hire an expert? Even if you didn’t need a landscaping and yard service year round, which season involves the most difficult yard cleanup so you can get your moneys value without breaking your budget?

The answer to that question will vary by homeowner. We each have our own preferences for temperature and seasonal weather so the difficulty of the yard cleanup chores will be proportional to our individual tastes, as well as the location of the property. To better answer the question of which season has the most difficult cleanup chores, it would behoove to clarify what those chores are, as well as the seasonal changes that may make these tasks more difficult, and let the reader decide for themselves.

– Weeding and Preventive Applications
– Fertilizing the lawn
– Planting annual flowers and plants
– Picking up limbs and debris from Spring storms
* Spring tends to be a tumultuous time for weather in places like Ann Arbor MI. The late frosts and lingering snow of Winter’s closing can create havoc for Spring planting. As the days grow warmer and the Spring rain storms come, it can create swampy areas and break limbs from the trees leaving debris behind for cleanup. While the temperatures may be quite comfortable for those working outdoors this time of the year, the weather itself may cause difficulties.

– Lawn Care and Maintenance, including mowing, watering, trimming
* Summer is usually a dry and hot season. While the list of yard maintenance chores seems small for this season, it is really more work that it would first appear. With seasonally high temperatures, working outside can become very difficult and, even, dangerous for some homeowners. This is generally one of the most common times for homeowners to consider the services of a lawn care company.

– Cleanup and Removal of falling leaves and debris
– Removal of dying flowers and plants from flowerbeds and planters
* Like Spring, Autumn temperatures can be wonderful but the weather isn’t always so cooperative for those trying to get out in the yard for cleanup work.

– Snow and Ice removal
– Collection and Removal of fallen limbs and debris caused by Winter storms.
* While there isn’t a lot of traditional yard work to be done in the Winter months, there is plenty of cleanup work required. Ice storms, heavy snows and freezing temperatures make outside work both uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Now that you understand the seasonal cleaning and maintenance involved in a typical Ann Arbor MI year, which season, do you feel, involves the most difficult yard cleanup?

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