Hardscaping is a scary endeavor for most people in Canton MI. In over many decades of installing, designing and consulting yards with hardscape, designers have found few people confident enough to tackle this project. A small amount of doubts is understandable when starting from scratch, but hardscapes seem to be even more overwhelming when people have no idea where to start.

Initial Stage of Hardscaping

The first step in hardscaping is to evaluate the yard. Hardscaping includes everything that isn’t alive, from fence to sidewalk. Changing the elements requires more money and labor but note that it is a long-term investment. When evaluating you yard in Canton, answer some of these questions:

  • Are the sidewalks and walkways in good condition?
  • Are they wide enough and right size for the family?
  • Do you need more space or shape it in a different way?
  • Are the materials durable and easy to care for?
  • Is the parking area large enough for the family needs?
  • Do you have too many trees in your yard that need pruning to look presentable?
  • Is there enough lawn to play and conduct recreational activities?

It is also the time to evaluate how your yard fits into your neighborhood. Then put all the pieces together and begin recreating your hardscape.

Reshaping the Entries

Houses in Canton MI come in large sizes and most of them have Georgian style architecture. A formal design for this type of houses should have equally balanced elements on both sides. After you have evaluated the house, finish sketching your design and try to match up the elements with that of the neighborhood. Take all the factors into account, such as color, texture, material and other features of those elements. Where your existing design fits the criteria of the new design, include them on the plan. You may also want to explore all possibilities for reshaping the walkway or patio. That way, the shapes you draw will enhance the shapes of the hardscaping and work well for a final cohesive plan.

Make sure to design the main walkway that will create a lasting impression on your guests. A secondary walkway can blend into the rest of the design and be safe and functional as well. Safety and function are both achieved with proper grading, adequate lighting and good materials. To create good impressions, use good shape, color and size. For a large house, the main walkway should be at least 4 ft wide to allow at least two people walk side by side. This can create a friendly inviting home entry. This will also allow a perspective view of the house as people approach the front door.

Enhancing the Look

While choosing paving materials for hardscaping, make sure to take into consideration the degree of formality, paving color, house color and ease of maintenance. If you need to renovate the patio, decide on the paper size by designing the layout. A simpler way to dress up concrete is to make a border with stone and brick. This is the most popular way to enhance the look of your Canton MI home.