May 5, 2016

St. Bernard With BallFor property owners in Ann Arbor MI the late summer through early fall is the best time of year for lawn rejuvenation. Higher soil temperatures can shorten the germination process and the early planting allows new grass to get a jump on weeds that typically take root during the spring. Higher temperatures and lack of competition from weeds and other plants can ensure that patchy areas of threadbare lawn can be more easily and effectively addressed. Professional lawn rejuvenation services that are properly timed can make a real difference on look, feel and even market value of a home or property.

Assessing the Scope of Damage

The first step in the rejuvenation process is to assess the extent of damage the existing lawn has suffered. Poor maintenance, especially high temperatures or lack of moisture can all create brown patches on even the most healthy lawns and landscaped areas. While brown patches may be unsightly, they do not always indicate dead grass. Some species, such as Kentucky bluegrass, may enter a dormant state due to a drought. Rejuvenation is not called for when dealing with grass that is dormant but otherwise healthy as, with a little care, it will typically return to its normal state by spring.

Testing Soil Conditions

Soil condition can be a key concern when it comes to nursing a damaged lawn back to life. Testing soils can provide valuable information regarding any number of conditions that may include:

  • Acidity levels
  • Lack of basic nutrients
  • The presence of chemicals or contaminants that may impede lawn growth

Once the extent of lawn damage has been determined, soil testing needs to be performed in order to determine any underlying issues that may need attention. Fertilizing and enriching soil can be done more effectively once testing is complete.

Newly Planted Grass Seeds Start To GrowPreparing the Soil and Planting New Grass Seeds

In order for a rejuvenation to be as effective as possible, dead grass must first be removed and soil should be tilled and graded prior to planting new seeds. Property owners who do nothing more than sprinkle new grass seeds on bare and brown patches of their lawn are unlikely to enjoy the quality of results they may be hoping for. The assistance of the best Ann Arbor MI landscaping service can provide home and property owners who lack the time and opportunity to do the work themselves with an easier and more convenient way to ensure a more successful rejuvenation.

Working With the Best Landscaping Service Provider

Late summer through early fall is the perfect time to address a any issues with your lawn. Professional soil testing, damage assessment and seed planting services can ensure that lawn rejuvenation efforts are able to provide a superior level of results. For Ann Arbor MI homeowners seeking to improve the appearance and market value of their home or property, dealing with a landscaping service that may have more to offer is never a consideration that should be left up to chance.