January 6, 2015

snowman on orange sunset backgroundThe winters of Ann Arbor Michigan are known for being incredibly harsh, and when you are planning your landscaping, you know that the grass you choose needs to be able to survive the climate and still thrive when the snow melts! Far from being a contradiction in terms, winter grass is an ideal choice for someone who wants to do the least amount of work for the highest quality of appearance on their lawn. Consider these varieties when you want to keep your lawn in good shape all year round.

Winter Ryegrass
As the name implies, winter ryegrass is one of the top candidates for Michigan’s cold season. Ryegrass comes in both annual and perennial varieties, and it is quite resistant to cold damage. It is extremely easy to plant, and during the growing season, it has a bright green color that makes it quite attractive in a variety of different landscapes. Ryegrass is excellent when you are looking for something that is low maintenance and hardy enough to resist the cold.

Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky bluegrass is best known for it slightly bluish tint, but once you get past its attractive appearance, there is a real star. Despite its name, Kentucky bluegrass actually comes from northern Europe, something that makes it a good choice for people living in the northern latitudes of the United States. This is an attractive option that gives landscapes a charming hint of color and texture, but it is worth noting that this option also requires a fair amount of care. Though it survives the winter quite well, it is also worth nothing that bluegrass requires a fair amount of water.

Fescue is actually not a particular type of plant. Instead it is a family of grasses, many of whom are ideal for the Michigan winter. These grasses have an attractive green shade, but they are finer than either of the grasses mentioned above. This means that though fescue overwinters nicely, it can end up getting shredded and trampled by a lot of erosion and abrasion. That means that fescue is a good choice for lawns and landscapes that are not going to see a lot of foot traffic. Choose fescue for ornamental portions of the landscape that benefit from its finer texture. Fescue is also a good choice for areas that do not have a lot of sun; this type thrives in partial shade.

Bentgrass is another good choice for landscaping, though most homeowners are still unaware of this popular choice. Bentgrass is one of the grasses specifically chosen for golf course greens and other places where strict uniformity is one of the goals. Bentgrass is considered high maintenance for a few different reasons:

*Bentgrass requires regular, consistent watering, but it cannot be given excess water, or it will rot.
*It does best in full sunlight.
*Bentgrass requires a very well-tilled soil before it can be planted.
*It is far healthier with walking mowers than with riding mowers.

When you are looking for grass options in Ann Arbor Michigan, there are a lot of options out there for you. Consider your needs and choose grasses that will compliment your taste and your situation!