January 15, 2015

For most homeowners, thinking about their foundation is just something they don’t do. That is, until itCracked Foundation begins giving them problems. One of the worst times to have to deal with home foundation problems is during the winter. Heavy snow piles surrounding the home, thawing of ice and snow which can lead to flooding and massive cracks from cold weather can all wreak havoc on a home’s foundation. Whether your home is incredibly old or brand spanking new, it can still experience foundation problems from time to time. Protecting against these problems during winter makes for a more solid home and a stress-free living situation.

Top Tips for Protecting Against Winter Foundation Problems
Preventing foundation problems will be your first line of defense when it comes to this specific type of issue. Prevention can ultimately save you a lot of time, money and headache in the future because you won’t be dealing with some of the massive foundation issues that many homeowners face. Here are some of the top tips for preventing foundation problems during the winter.

1. Properly Insulate and Waterproof the Basement
Insulating the basement can help in a variety of ways. For one, it’ll help to cut down on your heating costs during the winter because your basement will not get as cold. You will also find that proper insulation prevents freezing of plumbing pipes and the concrete that makes up your foundation. Preventing a freeze of plumbing pipes then prevents pipe bursts, which can prevent a flood in the future. It might also be a good idea to consider a good waterproof material to be wrapped around the foundation of the home to fully protect against crack leaks.

2. Have Your Landscape Graded ProperlyFrozen Water In The Downspout
Your property should be graded so that any rainwater or snow thaw runs away from the home as opposed to towards it. Problems that many homeowners face is that their home lots are not graded well, so snow piles up immensely around the house and when it thaws, the water goes right towards the basement. Having the property graded can prevent this problem from happening for you.

3. Keep an Eye on Problems
The winter may not be the best time to fix major foundation problems, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop looking out for issues. It is never a good idea to avoid going in the basement just because it gets cold down there during the winter. You should have a schedule of maintenance checks that involve you checking all pipes and walls down in your basement throughout the winter months.

Protecting your home’s foundation is key to preventing major foundation-related issues down the road. Not only is repairing or replacing the foundation costly, but it can also be frustrating in terms of having it done in a timely manner. The winter months in Michigan can be a problem for foundations, so these methods of protecting it can help to prevent some of these issues.