June 6, 2013

Keeping your lawn healthy involves frequent rescheduling of your irrigation system.  Frequency and timing vary greatly from spring to fall.  You may not need to run your irrigation system much at all in spring, where during the summer it may need to be run daily.

At Twin Oaks we offer multiple level programs for your irrigation system, beginning with system start-ups including programming the controller to the then current seasonal conditions,testing each zone, checking operations of heads, valves, piping, and control wiring; and addressing repairs and adjustments.

Major repairs are also available, including extensions to systems to update for new growth and landscape beds. Programs can also include mid-season and multiple-season evaluations for complete inspections of the entire system, make necessary adjustments to the sprinkler heads, and set watering times accordingly; and address any minor repairs and adjustments.

System winterization completed generally in October to turn off the irrigation system and winterize the outdoor piping with compressed air.