Having beautifully full and well maintained trees on your Ann Arbor property adds a certain life and vitality to the home. The appearance of a properly cared for tree, or group of trees, can deliver a look of prestige and charm to any property. Unfortunately for many homes, this is not the case. All too often trees are unhealthy and poorly maintained over decades creating problems and even dangers to a home and its occupants. Many times these trees are too damaged and the condition of the tree makes hiring a tree removal service the only sensible choice for resolving the problem.

A tree, or group of trees, that have either overgrown or are in poor health can create a variety of problems.

Some Typical Dangers are:

  • Wood eating insects can damage the structure of a tree itself and create a safety hazard.
  • Poorly maintained trees may contain large overgrown and rotten branches that can be dangerous.
  • High winds encountered during storms can cause branches of a damaged tree or even the entire tree itself to fall damaging your house, vehicles, fences or other property.
  • Falling trees or branches can damage your neighbor’s house, cars, fence or other property making you legally liable.
  • Trees near your house can repeatedly cause blocked gutters and downspouts creating water damage to the roof or exterior walls of your home.

One of the best ways to ensure you will not fall victim to these type of problems with any or all trees on your Ann Arbor property is to be sure to have them properly maintained or removed by a trusted and experienced tree removal service. A professional tree removal company can assess the situation accurately and provide the best plan of action for avoiding future problems and dangers. Having a tree completely removed when necessary is many times the best solution to solving these potential risks. Many times removing a tree brings an improvement for the appearance of the property making the home more appealing by allowing it or some of the home’s features to be more visible. There is also the advantage that often it provides a better view of the property also from inside the home.

Hiring a Professional
Hiring a professional tree removal company to undertake the task of completely removing a burdensome tree from your property is a simple and quick solution for preventing future troubles.

Things to Remember when Hiring a Professional:

  • Check credentials to be sure you are hiring a company with the knowledge and years of experience to safely finish the job.
  • Check with your local Better Business Bureau or other watchdog agencies in your area beforehand to make sure you are dealing with a company that has a good and proven track record for satisfying the customer.
  • Ask for references from previous jobs. Any legitimate company will have no problem supplying references from recent customers.
  • Check to be sure the company you plan to hire has insurance for covering all aspects of the job, including any damage they may cause to you or your property and any possible risks to themselves, workers or equipment while working on your property.
  • If required in your area, remember to as for proof of licensing for doing tree removal work and make sure the contractor has the knowledge to obtain any permits required for the area in which you live.

When considering removal of one or more trees on your Ann Arbor property, it will make the overwhelming task much simpler and stress free by hiring a professional tree removal service with the skill and experience to get the job done safely and effectively the first time. The satisfaction of knowing the job was done correctly will allow you and your family to enjoy your yard and home free of any problems or dangers.

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