September 15, 2015

Your lThree Tier Fountainawn is the first thing people see when driving by your home, and your neighbors must look at your lawn every day. Making a good impression with your lawn is simple when you are willing to introduce new ideas to the space. A softscape may be the thing your lawn needs to come alive, and an outdoor water feature will change the overall attitude of your lawn. A patch of green grass with a few flowers is merely a lawn, but a water feature makes the space into a wonderland of sound, color and movement.

#1: What Water Features Should You Use?

Your water feature in Ann Arbor MI will freeze in the winter, and you must keep the freezing temperatures of winter in mind when choosing your feature. The feature you choose should run water from one place to another, or the feature should spout water in a lovely shape. The shape will be frozen in place in the winter, and the shapes will constantly change with the wind in the summer.

The outdoor water feature you choose should speak to your personality, or the feature should match the theme of the lawn. You may select any style you want, and the water feature must be easy to see. Anyone who passes your home must have a clear view of the water feature, and the supporting plants must draw attention to the feature.

#2: How Do You Plant Around A Water Feature?

There are several perennial softscapes you may plant in Ann Arbor MI that will survive the winter unscathed. Plant mosses, vines and shrubs around the water feature to help support its structure, and you may cover the base of the feature with the plants. This design will make the water feature appear to float on your lawn, and the frozen water in the winter will look even more enchanting.

#3: How Do You Connect The Water Feature?

Water features are fed by the water supply in your home, and there is an outdoor spigot you may use to run the device. You may bury the hose that runs to the feature, or you may cover the hose with another interesting plant. You need easy access to the hose if it is damaged, and you will leave the spigot on for most of the year. The spigot is only turned off when the temperatures freeze outside.

#4: Planning The Water FeatureLong exposure of a backyard waterfall and pond surrounded by green foliage.

Choose a feature that you believe will look good against the backdrop of your home. Your home has a certain personality, and the feature must complement the personality of your home. Choosing the wrong water feature will make your home look out of place, but the right water feature will look as if it was built with the house.

Adding softscapes to your home will help change the appearance of your lawn, and you will add movement in the form of a water feature. Every suggestion above will make your lawn more interesting, and you may add several water features that all make your home more interesting to view from the street.

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