March 12, 2014

The show displays may be the same for many companies, but not for Twin Oaks Landscape.  Each year, it’s is something new….literally.  We have used so many different products over the years to display our craftsmanship, and this year we are showcasing the new Fendt brick color called Summer Wheat.

While we pour quite a bit of time in to the planning and creation of our display, our true energy focuses on connecting with the people that attend the show.  We know that the key to any great relationship stems from positive communication, and we strive to meet and at least say hello to all those that pass by our display.  In fact, we generally have about 4-5 team members engaged at a single time to support discussions with everyone.

This year, we decided to join the excitement of March Madness, the collegiate basketball championship tournament.  We have set up a backyard environment that includes not only a kitchen, fireplace, waterfall, and pergola, but in the center of it all, a basketball court.  We are actually raffling off the brand new adjustable basketball hoop system as well.

For those interested, we will be raffling off the basketball hoop, and we will be selling our plants and flowers, the pergola, waterfall and fireplace for a discounted special show price. 

Here are our displays from the past couple of years, please come by this weekend and see our current masterpiece!

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We look forward to seeing you at the show this year!