March 18, 2016

During the spring months, many homeowners take a closer look at their yard and garden areas, and they make an effort to revamp the space in a number of ways. For example, you may aerate the lawn and add fertilizer with the hopes of re-invigorating it and restoring its lushness and greenness after a long, hard winter season. You may not realize it, but one of the best steps that you can take in some yards is to add a trench to your property.

What Is a Trench?IMG_5750
A trench is a long, narrow feature that is installed for drainage purposes. Trench drainage is important in Ann Arbor MI homes because it can get very wet during the spring season for a number of reasons. For example, the snow melt can create a flooding situation in some yards, or heavy spring rain showers can cause flooding as well. A trench is designed to channel some of the water into different areas of the yard or even off of the yard. Keep in mind that a trench is often a covered feature for safety, and the cover will prevent pets, kids or others from getting hurt around the hole in the yard.

How a Trench Helps Your Yard
You may be wondering how trench drainage in Ann Arbor MI would help your yard. After all, rain water and snow melt will eventually evaporate from the yard. However, the evaporation process can take several days or longer in some cases, and it can take much longer if it continues to rain during this period of time. When the ground is too soggy and damp, issues related to root rot and more can develop. Trench drainage essentially is a way to keep the soil relatively dry even during the most moist times of the year.

Where to Place a Trench
If you have decided that you want to take advantage of a trench on your property, you may be wondering where to place one. There are different strategies that you can employ for this process. For example, some will place a trench at the base of a rolling hill in the yard, and others may place a trench around the base of the house to catch runoff from the roof. These are both options that you can consider, and a smart idea is to seek professional advice from a trained landscaping consultant before installing a trench in your yard. The consultant can provide you with more information regarding the need for a trench and where to best place it for the maximum results.

Installing a trench for draining purposes is ideal on some yards, and many with a slope or that are plagued with puddles and standing water at certain times of the year will benefit from this feature being installed on the property. This is a feature that ideally will be professionally installed for the best results before the spring months arrive, and you can contact a landscaping professional for further assistance today.

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