Long time townies and Ann Arborites have a love and passion for this city of Ann Arbor MI. Thousands of trees along its streets, the dense forestation of its numerous parks and residential areas, we ’re not nicknamed Tree Town for nothing! Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of the most beautiful cities in the nation, but Tree Town can prove to be worry some to homeowners during those windy seasons. Maybe your tree isn’t a danger to any power lines, it could pose other problems to your home and the homes of others. Here’s a few not so obvious reasons to go take a look at your tree and consider tree removal.

Cutting A Tree

Even Trees Catch a Cold

Sudden Oak Death, Black Knot and Tar Spot of Maple are just some of the diseases we’ve seen in our Ann Arbor trees. The idea of a sick tree may sound a little weird but it most certainly is not. While not all of these diseases are deadly to a tree they do have the potential to spread throughout your yard and your neighbors. If proper cultural methods are not maintained the spores or the insects that spread these diseases begin to travel. Speaking of insects…

A Bug’s Life

In their young larvae stage, flat head borers seek out the nutrient-rich inner bark and rob the roots of nourishment. Fully matured, they exit the tree through an oval hole. A fully mature flathead borer can be as big as a pinky finger. Upon exiting the hole, it will find another part of the tree to continue mining inner bark or find another tree all together.

These Roots Run Deep

Have your drains been flowing slowly? This could be a sign that the beautiful strong tree in the yard has some beautiful strong roots having a field day on your sewage pipes. Vapor is released from these pipes due to the warm water that flows through them. The roots grow towards the source of that vapor. They work their way into cracks, crevices or loose joints and if left alone, continue to spread through your pipes. You don’t want to be fixing extensive damage to sewer pipes.

Litter Box Lawn

Got a tree that likes to drop a lot of leaves, branches, seeds or even sap? Nature is beautiful, but sometimes you’ve got the wrong kind of nature in your backyard. Trees that drop myriads of seeds all over the lawn making gardening difficult. Trees that drip sap all over your yard, driveway and car making it difficult to see out of your windows. Trees that are so invasive they make it virtually impossible for anything else to grow. These trees while beautiful, are ruining your yard.

If you are experiencing any problems with trees in your yard, call a certified arborist to come out and survey your property as soon as possible. If tree removal is necessary they are skilled and trained to do the job and cleanup correctly.

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