Trees are a beautiful addition to any home that often require a good deal of care. The good news is most lawn care providers offer tree service options for their customers. Unfortunately, some have bad habits homeowners should avoid or risk disastrous results.

Tree Topping

At one time, many people believed topping was a healthy practice intended to help nurture and protect trees. Now, however, most tree care services are fully aware of the dangers of tree topping and advice against such practices. In fact, they will not hesitate to inform homeowners of the resulting issues, which include:

  • Shock
  • Disease
  • Destructive Insects
  • Death of the Tree

In short, while crown thinning, lifting and reduction are often advised, tree topping is a practice of the past for a reason.


Pruning is a necessary and important step in tree care, although the methods could do far more harm than good. A prime example of this is the use of spikes to help specialist climb the tree, the practice resulting in holes, some puncturing the plant’s vital issue. This can lead to serious problems such as:

  • Watersprouts
  • Wood Decay
  • Disease

Needless to say, unless one wants a sick or dead tree removed from the property, the use of tree spikes is an indication one should look for another service.

Stump Removal

The last thing homeowners want in front of their beautiful Ann Arbor MI home is an unsightly tree stump. Unfortunately, some people may find their lawn service doesn’t remove stumps, leaving them with the option to either remove the stump themselves or hire another service. Keep in mind, removing a tree stump oneself is ill-advised, especially considering the potential problems. For this reason and more, homeowners should make sure stump removal is a service their lawn care service provides.

Safety Gear

An important part of doing a job right is using the proper equipment, including safety gear. This is especially critical when doing anything as potentially dangerous as crown thinning, stump removing and support installation. A responsible tree care specialist will have the following:

  • Hard Hat
  • Eye Protection/Goggles
  • Ear Protection
  • Long Pants
  • Work Boots

Some may find safety gear a hassle, but one well worth the effort in order to prevent serious work-related injuries.

Verifiable Insurance

A reputable lawn care service can and will provide proof of insurance without hesitation. More to the point, homeowners in Ann Arbor MI are well advised to make sure their lawn service does indeed have insurance. This is not only to protect the homeowner but also to ensure any damage that may unintentionally occur is covered. Accidents happen and people understand that, but no one should have to pay for someone else’s mistake. Needless to say, homeowners should not make the mistake of hiring a lawn care service with bad habits.

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