Not only are weeds unattractive in a lawn, they also damage a lawn as they take nutrients, moisture, space, and light away from grass and wanted plants. Weed-free lawns are very difficult to attain without professional help. Weeds are very tenacious. One dandelion produces up to 15,000 seeds. Each of these seeds can live for up to six years in soil, and create 15,000 more weeds when it sprouts. Effective lawn care is essential to maintaining a beautiful healthy lawn. When lawns are properly taken care of and yard care chemicals are applied correctly, your grass will grow green, beautiful, and healthy.

Killer Weeds

Which is Better, A Professional Service or DIY?

Do It Yourself, or DIY practices are really popular now, due to the abundance of websites like YouTube. Instructional videos can now be found for almost anything. When it comes to yard care, the DIY route might be even more expensive and produce less than ideal results compared to professional lawn services.


A Professional Knows the Region

Seasonal lawn establishment and care varies depending on the climate zone. Orlando, FL has a very different climate than Ann Arbor MI. An expert will be educated about the specific conditions of lawns in your region and can customize services to meet your needs. Lawns in Ann Arbor MI for instance, have a very different lawn composition than in Orlando, FL.


A Professional Knows How to Treat Lawn Diseases and Mold

Discolor or spots on grass leaves may indicate a disease. An easy way to keep diseases from attacking your lawn is to keep your lawn healthy with the right lawn care techniques. Leaf spot disease is characterized by spots on grass blades. These spots are particularly evident during cooler weather. This fungus spreads to the root of the grass and kills it. A professional can easily spot this disease and apply the right succession of fungicide treatment in order to protect your lawn from injury.Snow mold develops in cool, wet weather and can destroy grass after a long period of rain or snow. Untreated snow mold infection leads to rotting of the root and crown, so taking care of this problem is necessary to help keep your lawn from being damaged. Another disease caused by fungi is spring dead rot. Bermuda grass is especially susceptible to this disease. Spring dead rot appears on grass as it arises from a period of latency. The disease destroys grass.


The Real Cost of DIY

Although buying fertilizer from a big box home improvement store can save a few bucks, adding in the cost of other products needed to control weeds, as well as your time, can result in a cost that is higher than hiring a professional. In addition, while there are tons of lawn products available at a home improvement store, every product must be correctly mixed and applied for it to work correctly. In addition, many people have no idea which product to use. A lawn care professional is trained to find the right product and apply it correctly; yielding much better results than if you do it yourself.

It is important to immediately find a professional to provide the right lawn treatment for a beautiful and healthy lawn, especially if you have disease in order to help your lawn fully recover.