Ann Arbor MI is known for the astonishing beauty of the landscaping provided by homeowners in the area. These breath taking views do not just happen all by themselves. Homeowners often rely on total lawn care provided by professional landscaping companies. Lawn care and landscaping companies provide many more service’s than just cutting grass. These professionals have the capability to transform your yard with style and uniqueness, giving your home a new identity.

House Exterior With Landscape

Weed prevention and removal

Flower gardens and landscaping throughout Ann Arbor MI are known for their vibrant color. One of the most efficient ways of keeping these plants and flowers bright is by getting rid of weeds in the area. Professionals not only kill and remove weeds already growing, they can keep this from becoming a re occurring issue with different sprays and chemicals that often require training to use. Each one of these chemical’s formulas require specific knowledge of the chemical’s use and the proper procedure for applying them that produce the best result’s. Someone who does not go through this process on a regular basis can often create more harm than benefit.

Design plans

When the decision is made to make improvements to a home’s yard, there are several issue’s that need to be taken into consideration. What kinds of plants and flowers are going to be planted and how many? If there are different kinds of plants, will they grow well being mixed with each other, or will one plant’s growth dominate they others? Should they be planted in direct sun light, or will they require shade? These questions and many similar ones need to be answered before work begins. These answers can be provided with the assistance of a landscaping company that is used to coming up with this kind of information.

A manicured lawn

There are several simple steps that can be taken to produce a healthier lucking yard. Having the proper height settings on a mower can create a great difference. When grass is cut too short, it has the ability to kill your grass, leaving it with a light brown color that is unpleasant to look at. Not cutting your grass short enough can result in the time consuming process needing repeated over and over again. Using a fertilizer and proper watering of the lawn can also help provide a healthy and fresh look to any yard. However, too much water or fertilizer can have just the opposite effect. This knowledge is another benefit to hiring a professional landscaping company that provides total lawn care.

Tree service

Tree service is also a big part of landscaping and outside home improvement. This task can be dangerous and produce both personal and property damage when being attempted by a non professional. This requires proper planning and use of equipment for safety of not only the individual performing the work, but also for other people in the direct area. Professionals receive special training and take precautions that might not be thought of by someone who operates a chain saw once every couple of years. Pro’s perform tree work regularly, giving them the experience to know the safest and most time efficient methods to complete the job.

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