Curb appeal is an important part of the view of your home in Ann Arbor from the
road. Backyard landscaping is an integral part of enjoying your home. Many activities will take place in your backyard. It is going to be a series of barbecues, social gatherings and pool parties.

As you leave your Ann Arbor home into your backyard, imagine what you would like it to look like. If there is a patio or deck, do you want to continue with the same type of decor that exists in your home? How far out into your yard would you like that special look to continue? Most likely you will want it to go to the end of your property line or to a fence or other barrier. With the many uses that are a part of your backyard, you will be virtually designing individual rooms for each of these activities.

Local nurseries can be very helpful in planning your backyard landscaping. Take a photo or draw a diagram of your backyard. Take the picture to a reputable nursery with your ideas on what you plan to accomplish. They can help you to choose the flowers or shrubbery that suits your plan. You will quickly learn that some plants cannot survive without full sunshine and others will thrive in shady areas. Shade trees and other obstructions will be taken into account as you choose.

Walkways are also important to your backyard landscaping. If you entertain a lot in the evenings, you will need to consider lighting. While you may believe that electrical extensions will be necessary, it is not. Solar lights can give you the lighting you will need
throughout your backyard. They will absorb their energy during the day and give you adequate lighting at night without the expense of an electrician and electricity.

Consider the plantings along a fence. As the view goes from the fence to the walkway or lawn, do you want a variety of color? When you explore the many non-blooming shrubs, you will see that there are many plants and bushes that do not bloom with flowers, but rather with varying shades of green and white. They can be quite striking to anyone that visits your backyard. Upkeep may be less strenuous with non blooming plants than with those that give frequent flowers. Ann Arbor’s climate is best for certain types of plants, so be sure to consult a professional.

Backyard landscaping, based upon Ann Arbor’s climate, will require some form of irrigation. If there is no available water to the far reaches of your yard, you will need to take this into consideration. You can set your irrigation system to be placed on a timer or choose to turn them on yourself when water is needed.

As you develop your backyard “rooms” do not forget your pets. It may be necessary to develop a dog walking area as well as a wonderful setting for backyard gatherings. Kitchen, living room and recreation rooms are all part of a successful backyard landscaping plan. Take your time and plan wisely. This is an important part of your final design.