There are three methods to maintaining good lawn care in Ann Arbor MI:

Multicolored Flowerbed On A Lawn
1) Maintain good soil
There is nothing good that grows in bad soil including plants and grass. It’s one of the most, if not most, important elements established in lawn care. Healthy soil guarantees that grass will grow resulting in rich luscious green color. In order to properly care for lawn is to make sure the soil carries a sufficient amount of oxygen to grow grass effectively. You want to make sure that nothing is completely covering or blocking the oxygen receptors. Or else it won’t grow. Ann Arbor MI Fertilizer and other identical nutrient-rich brands need to be mixed in the soils all across Michigan in order to achieve the best results. However, amount of fertilizer should be used with caution. Over usage of fertilizers can damage the soil preventing anything from growing in it. Soil management is a great first step in lawn care and is important to maintenance and achieving the best results. When soil becomes compacted together it won’t be able to absorb water need to grow and the ground will not be aerated. Turning soil over every three to five years will continue to keep the ground aerated for growth.

2) Regular mowing and irrigation:
The best way to maintain a healthy lawn over time is by consistent mowing. The grass needs to be kept at a good height and not crawling all the way up your leg. When cutting, it is best to use a sharp blade in order to prevent tearing in the strands or loose ends. When grass is forgotten about or not treated properly, it transforms more into a jungle than a nice meadow. When grass dries out, it becomes tough making it difficult for natural decomposition to take place. Continuous irrigation is important particularly during the dry months in Michigan. Poor irrigation leads to dry patches calling for an ugly appearance. This makes a tough outer layer of earth that prevents the yard from blossoming. Applying grass seed in dead areas will help fix up bad spots.

3) Getting rid of weeds:
Nobody likes the site of weeds. Not only are they unattractive, but they offer no benefit to lawns. They are long and rough on the skin when rubbed against our legs. Weeds also negatively effect the soil in the ground preventing certain items from growing. Weeds are best removed by pulling them from the root. While this takes a lot of tie and manual labor, it is well worth it. Weeds develop when lawns are not properly maintained. Often time the busy folks will forget to check out their lawn for several weeks and be shocked by the number of weeds growing. Not checking grass over several weeks and then trying to use chemicals, will do minimal work. It is a good idea to monitor the lawn at least every other week if not sooner. Keeping well maintained grass and nourished soil, will result in a beautiful lawn and less weeds.

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