July 2, 2014

Lawn Aerator

Professional Aerator Machine

Lawn aeration should be a part of any homeowner’s lawn maintenance regimen. There are a variety of important benefits that accrue when lawn aeration is undertaken on a consistent basis.

1. Thriving Lawn Through Enhanced Water Uptake

The most important benefit of aerating a lawn is an enhancement of the uptake of water into the soil. Aeration significantly loosens the soil, which permits more water to effectively flow to the roots. This works to improve the overall health of the lawn.

2. Save Money with Reduced Water Runoff

Another of the benefits associated with aeration is a reduction in water runoff. The reality is that in the absence of regularly aerated lawn, a good amount of water runs off a lawn. This can significantly increase water usage (and the associated cost) each and every year.

3. Enhance a Lawn’s Appearance with Reduced Water Pooling

On a related note, the implementation of aerating as part of lawn maintenance also reduces the surface pooling of water. The pooling of water damages a lawn and also renders it unattractive in its appearance.

Lawn aeration

Homeowner Aeration Tool

4. Protect the Environment Through Reduced Soil Erosion

Lawn aeration also benefits the lawn by reducing soil erosion. The loss of top soil through erosion results in a lawn having less appropriate ground available in which to grow and flourish. In addition, soil erosion has a negative impact on surrounding properties as well.

5. Encourage Strong Roots with Reduced Soil Compaction

At the opposite end of the “soil problems” spectrum is soil compaction. In the absence of including aerating in a lawn maintenance program, the soil under the grass can readily become compacted. Compacted soil damages the roots and prevents an appropriate amount of water from working its way down to the roots.

6. Nourish a Law Through Improved Fertilizer Uptake

By aerating the ground you cause an improvement in fertilizer uptake to the root system beneath it to occur. More often than not, if your lawn is not properly aerated, a good part of the fertilizer applied to the lawn remains on the surface, where it does little good promoting the health and vitality of the lawn. The fertilizer really must reach the root system for optimal impact.

7. Build a Stronger Root System

Because more water and fertilizer reaches the roots through aeration a stronger root system develops. This improves the overall health of the lawn. The roots are able to grow deeper and are able to take in or absorb more vital nutrients as well. In addition, with a stronger root system a lawn is in a better position to successfully withstand harsher weather conditions.

8. Fight Lawn Burn with Enhanced Heat Tolerance

Each and every year, many lawns in different locales end up suffering because of heat and drought. Indeed, some lawns end up literally destroyed because of the effects of these elements. Through aerating, the ability of a lawn to tolerate heat and even drought conditions is improved and enhanced, more often than not rather significantly.