Tree care in Ann Arbor MI matters to homeowners for a number of reasons. From the standpoint of beautifying a landscape, to less obvious reasons of financial security and safety, the careful maintenance of trees makes a significant difference.


Today many professional landscaping companies assist property owners in selecting and planting beneficial trees around their homes and businesses. The presence of a lovely flowering tree can brighten the surroundings significantly during the spring, for instance, enhancing the appreciation of passers by for the appearance of the front yard. Similarly, many people in this area ask landscapers to plant Evergreens as wind barriers, allowing a line of lovely pines or cedars to offset the bluster of cold winter weather and help protect other vegetation nearby. The decision to add trees selectively around an exterior in many cases greatly improves the beauty of a lawn and garden.

Beech forest in spring with the sun in the trees

Financial Security

Properly maintained trees also contribute to a property owner financially. Overgrown, untrimmed bushes and trees sometimes cause a residence to appear unoccupied. To utilize these plantings to their best advantage, and improve the financial valuation of property, residents should keep them trimmed and well tended.

A few of the financial reasons to retain landscaping services for tree care include:

  • Removing unsightly broken or cracked tree limbs;
  • Preventing roots or branches from damaging driveways, sidewalks, patios or foundations;
  • Augmenting the curb appeal, to improve property re-sale value;
  • Making sure that a young tree grows correctly from the outset, so that expensive removal will not be required later.

A professional landscaping firm may easily include this item on its list of regular tasks to perform for homeowners. For instance, a resident may want to ask a firm that removes snow from sidewalks and driveways regularly to also check for broken tree limbs and conduct pruning at regular intervals. By providing proper care for the trees in the yard, a homeowner benefits if the home ever goes onto the real estate market; lovely, well maintained mature trees tend to augment property values.


Finally, the proper care of trees plays an important role in preserving safety. Some of the safety considerations involving trees include:

  • Dead, decayed, hollow trees remain the most dangerous to remove because they have sustained internal damage;
  • Landscapers can assist property owners in selecting the best locations for tree planting;
  • Regular trimming can prevent growing branches from posing problems later;
  • Caring for trees routinely remains less expensive than cleaning up following a catastrophic accident.

In Ann Arbor MI harsh winter storms sometimes fell trees, causing them to fall across roadways or power lines. Sick and dead trees remain at greatest risk of toppling over and causing life-threatening accidents. A landscaping service can assist property owners by helping them place and maintain trees in the most suitable locations to prevent this type of hazard, and by helping existing trees thrive.

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